Fallout: Post-DC Origins Box Opening

So, I had a really, really bad day today while doing stuff to apply at college so this is going to be quick and then I got to split faster than a banana at an ice cream parlor.

I opened my first box. Hot dawg was I excited. I got three Bat-Signals and two Mountain Strongholds right out of the gate which got me excited. My “rare” haul by the end of the first box was a single copy each of Alfred, Have A Blast, Total Anarchy, Concrete Jungle, 8-drop Ra’s, Garth <> Tempest, Trigon, The Demon, Terra, Lady Shiva, Optitron and a couple other cards that I didn’t mind seeing. Things were going great.

Box 2 + 3. I open up four or five Barbara Gordons, three GothCorps, three Deathstroke, another Trigon, three USS Argus, Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprises, two Batcave, FOUR Shrike, FOUR Wheel of Plagues, two Mad Hatter, two Ventriloquist, three Neutron, two Psimon, and three Blackfire.

That’s right: Utter. Junk. Rares. No Fizzle, no Rigged Elections, and only one Alfred/Terra/Garth/Have A Blast. Ugh! It’s like someone handed me a banana (which, to make the allegory work, I must say I dislike) instead of the apple I was hoping for. Sure, I wasn’t expecting perfect draws and I was expecting a good portion of junk. There aren’t a particularly large amount of amazing rares in DOR, most of the power is in the common/uncommons. However, my second and third box were just sad. The only “good” cards in them was a single copy of the 7-drop Batman and 8-drop Superman.

All grumbling ceased, playing with the set has gone well. My younger brother is learning the randomness of Arkham Inmates with the lack of search. The deck can go from running horribly to KOing/Kidnapping everything in sight.

Older brother has a decent League of Assassins build. It could use some fine tuning but it’s still quite runnable. He was able to lock younger bro’s Arkham deck’s locations out of the game via the 4-drop Ra’s and then went to town until turn 8 when he played the 8-drop Ra’s and younger bro scooped. One really fun play I did while running this LoA deck for fun was waiting until after younger bro flipped up his key locations (No Man’s Land and Arkham Asylum) before stripping them away via Remake The World. Fun, fun play.

My decks are currently a Fizzle-less Gotham Knights build that makes me grumble due to the lack of negate and a semi-Roy Harper abuse Teen Titans deck. Nothing better than pumping Roy into an 18 attack 3-drop on turn 4 and swinging into The Penguin for massive damage.

So, in all, things went all right. Sorta like a hot dog with mustard. It could’ve been better but, hey, it’s still a hot dog with mustard. Oh, and I’ve learned to love this card:

Snape kills Dumbledore and Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.


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