Puzzle Pieces: Duck! Five Mini-Combos Ahead!

I haven’t posted any of my random combos lately so I figured that now is the time since I have nothing better to talk about. Theoretically, I could ramble about cross-dressing sea monkeys or the tangled web of college applications but this is a Vs. blog so I’ll stick to the topic.

We’ll kick things off with an obvious one from the olden’ days of DOR that I’m only now getting to take advantage of.

Flip USS Argus during the build phase of turn 4 and then nuke it to Terra to stun their 3-drop. You get a free mill and stun at next to no cost to you. Actually did this to my brother in a game just now. I then followed it up by freebie stunning his 7-drop Joker off-initiative via Roy Harper. He proceeded to throw cards at me.

Next up, another obvious combo from days long past but, hey, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its still a combo.

Through the power of Scarecrow’s fear toxin and Joker’s laughing gas, you’ll leave your opponent crying. A simple way to turn every single one of your characters into Charaxes, which is awesome. Fortunately, my brother’s Arkham Inmates deck doesn’t have this combo… yet.

Let’s move onto some newer cards. Dim the lights, please. This gentleman prefers the dark and, with this nastiness, it’s a good idea to keep him pleased.

Basic concept here is a team-up between Injustice Gang and Hellfire Club. The combo really reveals itself on turn 5. Recruit Shinobi Shaw to your hidden area. Shade pulls your only visible character into the hidden. Earth-3 to move Shinobi visible with +2 DEF and then Shaw Industries to give him +2/+2. End result after he attacks: 13/14 5-drop at no cost to you. Same combo works just as well on Donald Pierce although he becomes a 16/18 6-drop. That man deserves a milkshake for his awesomeness…

For just a wee bit more Hellfire goodies…

Alright, this combo is really more like “Any KO Hellion + Any Effect Requiring Character KO” but this is my primary example. Due to the fact that none of the Hellions have an “if you do” on their KO effects, you can chain to them with effects requiring you to KO a guy. This can be abused with cards like the Massachusetts Academy shown above, Acceptable Loss from the Secret Society, or Doomed Earth. There’s really a lot of goodies one can pull off here.

Finally, we’ll finish things off with a simple combo for the Brotherhood.

Opponent flips some useful location, you flip Unstable Ground, play SHAKE, Rattle, and Roll, opponent loses a location and 4 endurance, you get a replace. I could see this being decent in a BH Reservist deck, actually. Sadly, since X-Men is rotating out, I really won’t have much of a chance to try that out.

There you have it. Five simple combos you all have probably already figured out for yourself typed out onto the screen. None of these combos are complicated or good enough to build an entire deck around (except for perhaps the Hellion KOs) but they certainly add some salty combo flavor to a deck.

One question before the end of the article…

Is there ANY way to combo with her? Any at all? If you find something half way decent, I’ll give you a mentioning in my next post. ‘Till then, keep looking for random interactions and watch out for those Magic players!


2 Responses to “Puzzle Pieces: Duck! Five Mini-Combos Ahead!”

  1. Number6 Says:

    Rambling off the top of my head with Black Widow:
    Turn 6 off-init, play DOR’s Mr. Freeze, who should lock down an opposing attacker.
    Turn 7, boost out Black Widow, and with the initiative you lock down the entire opposing field through attacks and stuns.
    Turn 8’s off-init, but you only have to worry about an opposing 8-drop. So after your opponent does his recruit, boost out MMK’s Dr. Strange, and rearrange the opposing field and your own so you have a clear path to your opponent’s endurance while your opponent has no way to hit your own guys. Sure, you’ll take an 8-drop to the face but that’s all he has to swing with, and he’s not able to block you…and you get to counter with Strange, Widow, and Freeze to your opponent’s face.

    Sound good?

  2. […] another note, I owe Number6 a mentioning due to him taking up my challenge at the end of this post. He came up with quite the decent combo to go with Natasha […]

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