The Great Vs. Resolution #19: Hellfire Club

I was actually sorta WORRIED that I wouldn’t get this round of the Resolution done by the end of this week, therefore forcing me to pull double duty next week. However, it appears that I got enough time to write this up while looking back and forth between various DCR cards for my next deck so hurray for me!

Anyways, Hellfire Club. It’s basically a bunch of rich weirdos who like to try and influence the world while having the men dress up like its Victorian times and the women… well, I’ll just say they’d probably be thrown out of the old Victorian stereotypical “polite, modest society”.

The Hellfire Club are also the second take on one of my favorite themes: Loner. Even back when I was playing around on Marvel TCG for the DS, I was loving the X-Statix just because they’re so completely different. In fact, I’m pretty sure my X-Statix build has beaten the game’s Curve Sentinel build quite a few times but the AI is quite stupid so I wouldn’t use that as an example.

Back on the “loner” topic, rather than going with just one character, good ol’ Hellfire Club just wants to have one VISIBLE character. It could care less how many hidden guys you have. Heck, it WANTS you to have hidden guys. So, with that said, my Hellfire build.

Victorian Fashion Crisis

Hellfire Club

Silver Age

4x Hellfire Club Initiate-Army
4x Sage-Tessa

4x Mastermind-Dark Dreamer
3x Harry Leland-Black Bishop

3x Blackheart – Black King
3x Madelyne Pryor-Black Rook

4x Shinobi Shaw-White King

2x Donald Pierce-White Bishop
1x Magneto-Black Lord

2x Sebastian Shaw-Black King

Plot Twists
4x Join The Club!
4x Mobilize
4x Power And Wealth
4x Army of One
3x Cardinal Law
1x Power Play
1x Reset

4x Shaw Industries
3x The Hellfire Club
1x Inner Circle
1x Massachusetts Academy

Pretty much the standard Hellfire build with a few really small tweaks. Odd initiatives is preferred but evens are highly workable. Mulligan condition is Sage and another Mental card.

Turn 1: Hellfire Club Initiate. On a completely random aside, I love these guys. It’s like they just hop on a bus, roll up to the club, get out in packs, and start walking around saying “Roast duck and wine, sir?” while holding on to their little trays. It’s fantastic. Love the waiters. But, anyways…

Turn 2: Sage. Duh. She’s card draw. Love card draw.

Mastermind should almost always be your 3. He can dance away and hide himself without requiring to move a guy visible. That’s right, there’s a “may” clause in there that I just love. Alternately, there’s Harry Leland who can be a defensive wall in case you’re facing rush.

50-50 shot on turn 4. Madelyne Pryor is there if you have initiative and you’ve got a waiter to sacrifice (apparently Maddie doesn’t like Duck. Who knew?) which nets you flight, range, and a “sorta” +2 ATK. If you are off-initiative and you’ve got the characters in the KO pile (not hard to do recruiting free waiters and searching with Mobie) then you can recruit Blackheart who goes right ahead and says “buh-bye” to an opponent’s 3-drop. If they’ve got a non-Cape’d Ahmed and no Pathetic Attempt, turn 4 win right there. Stupid Ahmed from stupid DCR…

If you didn’t predict the 5-drop, you’re dumb. Shinobi Shaw. You should have Shaw Industries online by now. Instant 13/12 5-drop with no real cost. What’s not to like?

Turn 6 is another split. If you need a beater, look no further than Donald Pierce who should generally be a 16/16 6-drop which is really good. If you want tricks, Magneto can stun off an opponent’s character. Both are usable cards.

Finally, Sebastian Shaw on 7 agrees with Madelyne Pryor’s opinion on roast duck by killing two poor, innocent, bus-riding waiters in exchange for multiple attacks. Generally, this will win you the game.

Plot twists. You got Mobilize, Join The Club, and Power and Wealth for search. Then you have Army of One and Cardinal Law for nasty smashiness. Finally, using Power and Wealth, you have two tech cards. One is the obvious Power Play to ensure a 7-drop double attack with Shaw. The other is Reset.

I learned the power of Reset in a Hellfire Club thanks to a game against another MWS-er. Having to pump to hit Shinobi Shaw followed by just having it Reset which ends up giving Shaw another +1/+1 counter is not a nice occurence.

Locations are more simplicity. Shaw Industries and Hellfire Club have lots of copies to make sure you hit them while Power and Wealth can grab you Massachusetts Academy and Inner Circle in a snap.

Off the top of my head, this deck is good. Not gooooood but good. It has pumps, it has tricks, it smashes, it bashes, it dices, it slices, and it only costs you four monthly payments of $29.99 to use on MWS (anyone who wants to take me up on this deal, give me a ring :p).

Hellfire Club (Silver) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 8 (Good deck. Strong, tricksy, and has answers to some problems. It doesn’t rely on targeting or plot twists so negation doesn’t screw it up. Only issue is having your locations nuked.)

Deck Theme: 8 (Alright. I personally like the theme but the whole “one guy visible, lots of hidden guys” doesn’t quite do it for me. It’s not bad but it just doesn’t feel “rich Victorian wannabes” to me. But, whatev.)

Ease of Use: 6 (Options and getting people in and out of the hidden area is a chore. Not hard to use but not easy either)

Fun Factor: 7 (It’s alright. What I really like is “true” loner decks like X-Statix. The whole “I still have guys hidden” sorta takes away from the feel. Still, its fun to play around with, especially using Power and Wealth to grab a Reset and kill an opponent’s Savage Beatdown into Shinobi.)

Overall: 7 (Not bad, average deck as far as the resolution goes. I like it but I don’t liiiiike it. Worth playing around with.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Team Superman (Modern Age)
3. Fantastic Four (Modern)
4. Anti-Matter (Golden)
5. Morlocks (Silver)
6. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

7. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
8. Secret Six (Silver)

9. Revenge Squad (Modern)

10. Teen Titans (Modern)
11. Outsiders (Modern)
12. Hellfire Club (Silver)
13. Inhumans (Silver)
14. Kree (Silver)
15. Future Foes (Silver)

16. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)

17. League of Assassins (Modern)

18. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

Now, this Hellfire Club deck is, admittedly, very standard. However, I was originally going to build a Hellions Abuse deck along the lines of the combo I pointed out in Puzzle Pieces yesterday. I decided against it after looking through the cards and realizing there just wasn’t that much in the HFC to justify it. Outside of the mono-Resolution, a team-up with the DCR Villains United could be very interesting. The almighty Hellfire waiters turn cards that cost a “bounce” into cards that merely cost a Hellfire Club character discard. Trade a waiter in the hand (one to alt. recruit, one to play and then bounce back) in exchange for two endurance burn from Zazzala and -3/-3 on a defender? I can dig that. Combine that with the “I try to KO you but I don’t but I still get an effect anyways” Hellions and there’s a very interesting idea right there. Maybe I’ll try it out later…

You know who ISN’T in DCR but would go well in such a deck anyways?

I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to see big ol’ Imperiex in a Victorian suit? I would pay an arm, a leg, and ride a ghetto bus with the wheels falling off it to see it. Honest.


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