Vines wrap their way about your FEET…

hort post today since I just got back from a weekend long trip (during which a pre-scheduled Hellfire Club post was made).

Feraks. These plant-based gals have become quite the thought experiment for myself ever since I got 14 copies in my DC Origins packs and built a very shoddy deck around them.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to take a load off my feet, sit down on MWS, and build a deck around them that actually works. The card is Golden Age for Pete’s sake! There has to be some way to break them with all the available options. Off the top of my head, I’m seeing Feraks -> Mr. Fantastic/Invisible Woman -> We Had A Team-Up -> Cosmic Radiation/A Child Named Valeria. You’d never run out of Feraks in the hand with a deck like this. My only thought is how one would actually win with such a deck… Xavier’s Dream since you should never have stunned guys inplay and Feraks have low enough attack to not stunback? Ponder on this, I must.

On another note, I owe Number6 a mentioning due to him taking up my challenge at the end of this post. He came up with quite the decent combo to go with Natasha Romanoff:

“Rambling off the top of my head with Black Widow:
Turn 6 off-init, play DOR’s Mr. Freeze, who should lock down an opposing attacker.
Turn 7, boost out Black Widow, and with the initiative you lock down the entire opposing field through attacks and stuns.
Turn 8’s off-init, but you only have to worry about an opposing 8-drop. So after your opponent does his recruit, boost out MMK’s Dr. Strange, and rearrange the opposing field and your own so you have a clear path to your opponent’s endurance while your opponent has no way to hit your own guys. Sure, you’ll take an 8-drop to the face but that’s all he has to swing with, and he’s not able to block you…and you get to counter with Strange, Widow, and Freeze to your opponent’s face.

Sound good?”

Sounds good enough for me to mention.

Standard hornet spotting procedure: Sit outside, see hornet, get to feet, run in opposite direction.


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