What is that, Thing?

Play on words! Nobody get jealous just because I am king of wordplay…

Lots has been said about the Legend format and the various characters getting Legend treatment. Marvel Legends is generally considered to have done Legends properly by giving each character lots of support. The only real problem I personally have is why some characters like Juggernaut and Cable are legends for their teams. Sure, they’re good characters but I don’t personally think they should have been done in the first set.

DC Legends was lacking in support for legends and I feel the design team stretched the legend love way to thin. I mean, Roy Harper got more character cards than Wonder Woman or The Joker. Roy “Speedy” Harper!

Anyways, the Legend treatment has brought some excellent decks to the table and a lot of fun deckbuilding. From Punisher to Flash to Human Torch to Jean Grey to Ghost Rider, there are a ton of options on the table. However, there is one Modern Age Legend I have never seen a deck for and that is a revoltin’ development.

Ol’ Blue Eyes

Thing Legend, Fantastic Four

Modern Age: Legend

4x Uatu the Watcher, He Who Watches
4x Frankie Raye, Johnny’s Flame

4x Luke Cage, Steel-Hard Skin

4x Thing, Idol O’Millions
1x Sub-Mariner – King Of Atlantis

3x Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker

2x Thing, Heavy Hitter

2x She-Hulk, Single Green Lawyer

1x Thing, The Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing

1x Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd

Plot Twists:
4x Signal Flare
4x Mobilize
4x It’s Clobberin’ Time!
4x Clobberin’ Pine!
4x Family of Four
4x A Clash Of Worlds
3x Torch and Thing

3x New Baxter Building

2x Jetpack
2x Ego Gem

So, simple deck designed solely to abuse the crap out of Clash of Worlds.

Odd initiatives. Mulligan for your 3-drop or your 2-drop with search.

Turn 1: Uatu. If you must, you can play Frankie Raye. However, she’s much better of as a pseudo-plot twist.

Turn 2: Luke Cage. Help you get card draw to hit Clash of Worlds.

Turn 3: Thing, Idol O’ millions. Oversized character with no drawbacks. Hold onto Sub-Mariner.

Turn 4: Mr. Fantastic. Big defender who mills to get what you need.

Turn 5: Thing, Heavy Hitter. If you have Clash of Worlds use it. If not, substitute in Sub-Mariner so Thing can get off the bus without KOing stuffs.

Turn 6: She-Hulk. Big drop.

Turn 7: Thing, TELBET. You better have a Clash of Worlds by now.

Turn 8: Silver Surfer for initiative steal and the win.

Plot twists are simple for the most part. I’d like to point out Family of Four will trigger for each Thing which means on turn 5 it could be a +3/+3 pump via two Things and a Mr. Fantastic. New Baxter Building + Ego Gem = 3 draws a turn. Jetpack gives the deck much needed flight.

Lastly, my favorite plot twist ever:

I am so jealous of whoever came up with that pun. They deserve a free pizza or somesuch. Honestly, this card is better than it looks. My favorite use is to have an opponent swing into Thing, Heavy Hitter with a pump to hit him. You then drop Clobberin’ Pine, exhaust your 3-drop, switch the defenders, and then reinforce the 3-drop. Your opponent just blew their 4 or 5 drop with a pump to stun a 3-drop. Good times.

This deck isn’t amazing but its fun to see an opponent go “Thing Legend? WTF?”. You just don’t get that same look when you’re playing Magic (I’d assume).

“I know every mistake you’ll ever make.”

“Like wearing a costume that makes me look somewhat like a duck? Oh, wait, that’s you.”


One Response to “What is that, Thing?”

  1. Fun deck! My only concern is that you’re running too many Things. Your characters have enormous stats, so I can’t imagine that you’ll be losing a lot of characters along the way. But if you get Clash I guess it’s not a huge deal.

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