Titans of DOOM!

No, this post has nothing to do with Roy Harper so set aside those worries.

One of the first jank decks I ever built (other than Atlas abuse) was a Bart Allen <> The Flash, Titans Tomorrow West abuse deck. The idea was to make it to turn 6, play Cable (or a 6-drop Darkseid Elite character), turn 7 you play Bart and then Bodyslide (or Curse of Darkness) him out of the way, turn 8 you sub in another copy of Bart and then recruit Raven <> Dark Raven. The combination of Raven’s “no team attackers stun” power and Bart Allen’s “ready when you stun opposing characters while team attacking” power lets you clear the board and then swing into the opponent’s face with all three Titans for the win.

However, the deck was an amalgam. It had to have a ton of focus on the turn-8 combo and the teams involved (Darkseid, Titans, X-Men for Cable) didn’t have much in the way of stall elements. This made the deck sad.

A Clash of Worlds arrives. The Bart Allen combo becomes incredibly deadly because it can now team-up with a plot twist searcher/controller named Doom.

For the Glory of Doom, Teen Titans… GO!

Teen Titans/Doom

Silver Age


4x Boris, Personal Servant of Dr. Doom

4x Lorena Marquez <> Aquawoman – Titans Tomorrow West
2x Puppet Master, Overprotective Father

4x Dr. Doom – Richards’s Rival
3x Vic Stone <> Cyborg, Mechanized Mentor

3x Dr. Doom, Diabolic Genius
2x The Herald – Malcolm Duncan
1x Tim Drake <> Robin – Flying Solo

4x Kang – Destiny Warrior

2x Dr. Doom – Sorcerous Savant
2x Bart Allen <> The Flash – Titans Tomorrow West

2x Molecule Man – Owen Reece

1x Raven <> Dark Raven – Titans Tomorrow West

Plot Twists:
4x Fervent Research
4x Mystical Paralysis
4x For the Glory of Doom – Team-Up
4x Enemy Of My Enemy
3x Call in a Favor
3x Teen Titans Go!
2x A Clash Of Worlds
1x Forbidden Loyalties – Team-Up

This deck lives and dies on even initiatives so TAKE IT! Mulligan condition should probably be Boris or Aquagirl.

Bearded man on 1. Lady related to aquatic bearded man on 2.

Turn 3 should generally be Dr. Doom, Richards Rival. Use him to go grab A Clash of Worlds. If you want to draw next turn and actually get Clash without any issues, KO Aquagirl. Easy. Just in case you miss Doom-boy, Cyborg takes out the opponent’s 4-drop while team-attacking which should help you survive into the later turns.

Dr. Doom, Diabolical Genius can and should be your 4-drop of choice. Just flip your recently acquired Clash of Worlds, name Dr. Doom, play Diabolical, flip Clash down for use later. Easy. If by some evilness you miss Doom, you can play Herald who helps stall by giving free reinforcement. Tim Drake does the same without cosmic but with a discard and requiring the defender to be support row.

Kang on 5 is moar stall. Hurray!

Dr. Doom, Sorcerous Savant can, once again, cheat uniqueness while replaying your single copy of A Clash of Worlds at no real cost. Flip, name Doom, play Savant, KO someone that’s useless, flip down Clash. Do NOT recruit Bart Allen unless you can win that turn…

Molecule Man on 7. You should be off-initiative here. Use Mystical Paralysis and then copy the effect to get a dual exhaust. Should be enough to get you into turn 8.

Dark Raven swoops into play. A Clash of Worlds is flipped for the third time this game. Bart Allen runs into play so fast that Doom and Molecule Man disappear in the windstorm, cornstalks are permanently bent downwards, and there seem to be two Barts. Oh, wait, there is! Proceed to team attack FTW.

Plot Twists! Fervent Research filters for plots. Enemy of my Enemy and Call In A Favor for search without requiring a team-up. Mystical Paralysis for control with Teen Titans Go! further enabling it by letting you attack and get a free exhaust. A Clash of Worlds makes the jank actually work. For the Glory of Doom and Forbidden Loyalties team-up. Simple stuff.

I haven’t actually played with this version of the deck (too busy shucking corn) but the only real WORRY is missing A Clash of Worlds. There’s a lot of plot twist filtering/searching but its still not going to be a happy day when you miss…

Also, I loved today’s preview but prefer this version:

Gotta love that art!


One Response to “Titans of DOOM!”

  1. Number6 Says:

    “Too busy shucking corn”? When you *should* be too busy brainstorming ideas for a certain fantasy set? 😛

    Glad to see a use for Dark Raven…I’d long wanted a cost-8 for the Titans and was so, so disappointed with her, and then DCL stopped them at 7 again. I don’t own most of the cards in this deck so it’s still pretty unlikely I’ll ever use her, but this is definitely a great build to take advantage of her ability (along with Bart’s of course).

    I don’t have the foil cool-font version of that Avengers Thor card, but I do have a regular copy and it is excellent art indeed. A foil of the cost-4 version ain’t too shabby either.

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