Choose 3 blogs. Ongoing: Crossover those blogs

If you have, you may have noticed a little something unusual about posts over three of your favourites for the last couple of weeks. Here’s the deal: We’ve been up to something.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  1. Identify the three blogs involved. This bit shouldn’t be hard.
  2. Analyse the linked posts on the three blogs.
  3. Solve the puzzle.

To help you out:

The first portion will lead you there, if you can interpret the key 3.19.3 3 6

The second portion will provide the path, if you can decipher the clues 1 18.5.4

The third portion will tell you how to submit your response 13.5.24 16

Only submissions using the correct method will be accepted.

Now, the question remains: Why bother? Why should you make the effort of digging through a bunch of posts on three different blogs? Howzabout for a mixed bag of a dozen booster packs?

On behalf of the three of us, I trust that whets your whistle.


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