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Another year, another birthday

Posted in Ramblings on June 19, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

First fully non-Vs. related post ever. I was able to hold off for half a year. That ain’t bad.

This morning at roughly 4:30 a.m. marked my seventeenth year of life.  Sadly, there isn’t that much attached to turning seventeen. Sixteen has the driver’s license, eighteen is adulthood, and twenty-one is gambling, smoking, alcohol, guns, and all the other fun stuff. Seventeen has… purchasing M-Rated video games, something I’m not particularly interested in (I own a Wii and my computer can barely run games from 2000, I don’t even have access to Mature games).

My current celebration plans are eating a Hot Fudge cake from a local bakery, going to Barnes and Noble to look for some books, Gamestop to browse their used game collection, and Toys R’ Us for some various collectibles and perhaps some card game stuffs. For dinner my parents are taking me to the following restaurant:

That’s right. Chuck E. Freakin’ Cheese’s for my seventeenth birthday. Greatest. Idea. Ever. Honestly, who doesn’t want to go to CEC’s for their birthday? Maybe I’m strange for wanting greasy pizza and arcade games for my birthday instead of fancy Red Lobster food like my older brother normally requests but, what can I say, I’m a free spirit. I might get some pictures while I’m there just to prove my Chuck E. Cheese birthday-dom. If I do, I’ll probably post them on here.

Finally, to finish off my birthday celebrations, tomorrow I get to go see my favorite band of all time live in concert with my brothers and a friend. This band seems to love me. Last year they released their new album on my B-Day, and this year they’re giving me a concert. Combine that with the fact that they have a shirt with a bear fighting a shark and these guys seem to be specifically catering to my tastes. Gotta love it.

Oh, fine, I’ll add some Vs. System related stuff. I’m also working on taking some of my birthday cash and making a deal for a bunch of MXM/MVL commons and uncommons with another blogger. I was planning on buying some boxes of MOR but, really, this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Thanks gdaybloke!

That is all. *blows a party noisemaker* Let the birthday festivities continue!


The Great Vs. Resolution Update: Teams On The Way

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on June 18, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

I announced in my last post that I was going to work on a list of what I still needed to get done for my resolution. I went in, looked at all the affiliations in the game, and then took off everything that I felt was too small to work properly in a mono deck. Then, I deleted the affiliations I already have decks posted for and ended up with the following list.

The Great Vs. Resolution To-Do List

Marvel (18):
Negative Zone
Marvel Knights
Crime Lords
Masters of Evil
Kang Council
Heralds of Galactus

DC (13):
Darkseid’s Elite
Green Lantern
Justice League of America
Justice League International
Injustice Gang
Secret Society
Villains United
Birds of Prey

Total Decks Remaining: 31

Total Weeks Remaining: 29

So, if my math is correct, then all I have to do is one affiliation a week for the rest of the year and I’ll basically be done. If I throw in really easy decks to build (Sentinels, for example), I can easily get the two “two-in-one-week” weeks done. Heck, I might even break my rules and post some of my mono decks that I have laying around the house (they break the rules because none of the teams are “most legal available” except maybe the Masters of Evil or Kang). In all, the Resolution should keep rolling as long as I don’t get too swamped come college this fall. Good time.

The Great Vs. Resolution #21 Presents A MWS Gem: Shi’ar

Posted in MWS Gems, Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on June 14, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

It’s time to play with the rules of the Resolution.

A few days ago I played a deck on MWS that was simply insane. It was a near mono-Shi’ar deck built by a user at TCGplayer with the handle jack1893. He requested that I leave a comment on the site’s deck feature and I said I would and I also asked if I could post it on my blog which he said was fine.

After further thought, I realized that with a build this exceedingly perfect, I really didn’t need to build a Shi’ar deck for my Resolution. With a single Shi’ar shaped stone, I get a new MWS gem and a Resolution deck done. How cool is that?

For the record, this deck defies a few of the rules for Resolution deckbuilding. For a quick refresher on said rules:

The Great Vs. Resolution Guidelines:

All characters must share a printed affiliation, at least 50% of non-character cards must be team or character-stamped, remaining cards must be from the same universe as the affiliation for the deck, deck must be in as recent of a format as possible.”

Like with the Secret Six, I am skirting the rules for this deck. One character in the deck is unaffiliated because the deck requires it or it would literally do nothing. The Shi’ar have no non-character cards so they can’t fulfill the 50% requirement. Finally, the deck requires several DC cards to work properly. To sum all this rulebreaking up, the only rule this deck doesn’t break is “legal in most recent format”.

So, with that all out of the way, jack1893’s Shi’ar deck.

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“You might have power, but I am power!”

Posted in Ramblings, Vs. System on June 12, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Thanks to the power of cheap Ebay auctions, I am now owner of the Silver Surfer Heralds of Galactus pre-release t-shirt for the low, low price of $12.50 counting shipping. Look at that awesomeness. Look at it!

I would say this officially makes me a Vs. nerd (as if the fact that I play it online and will rattle off a character’s stats and powers at the drop of a hat wasn’t proof enough). I also attempted to get a Superman t-shirt and the Infinity Crisis: Dr. Fate shirt but that went just out of range of what was in my Paypal account. Still, one shirt is better than none and the Silver Surfer is awesome in so many ways. How many ways? I can produce 5 off the top of my head.

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Iron Lightning Rod: Why The Thunderbolts Love Iron Man

Posted in Vs. System on June 10, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

MUN is out on MWS and I’m going nuts with it. I’ve already built five decks on it and have two more that are written up in text just waiting to be inputted. My thoughts on the set so far after several games?

Thunderbolts. Are. Nuts.

There, I said it. I’ve played the following deck five or six times. I’ve gone against X-Men, Captain America, a near-mirror match, Secret Society, and a couple others that my mind is hazy on. The deck has lost once against the X-Men due to Wolverine smacking my face off with Berserker Rage/Healing Factor. Every other time, this deck didn’t just win, it dominated. This could very well be the best deck I have ever personally built and I don’t feel like I’m overstepping my bounds in saying that. It is simply amazing and its all thanks to the man with the possibly Skrully plan.

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It’s On! MUN MWS Set Ready For Download

Posted in Vs. System on June 9, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Huzzah! Many thanks to KardKrazy and Guglio for all the hard work put into it. I’ll basically be online for the rest of the night so anyone that wants a game, just check for Grievous

National Symbol: Captain America Legend Theme Deck of American-ness + Some MUN set thoughts at the end

Posted in Vs. System on June 9, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Yes, I am going to continue pushing the title length for posts from now on.

I just got done “building” this via im_all_noobish’s image spoiler. This will likely be the first thing I play around with on MWS. It’s got everything I like. Theme, a cool character, strong cards, and a bit of jank. Hurray for the man with the A on his head!

Captain America: Ultimate Patriot

Captain America Legend

Modern Age/Legend

4x James Barnes <> Bucky, Kid Commando

4x Captain America, Patriot . Secret Avenger
2x Hawkeye <> Ronin, Secret Avenger

4x Falcon, Secret Avenger
1x Patriot, Elijah Bradley . Young Avenger

4x Captain America, Champion License
3x James Barnes <> Winter Soldier, Out in the Cold

4x Punisher, Captain America

3x Captain America, Living Legend

2x James Barnes <> Captain America, Legacy Reborn

1x Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty

Plot Twists:
4x Underground Movement, Team-Up
4x Clash of Worlds
4x Heroes of Two Worlds
4x Final Justice
4x Charging Star
3x Mobilize
3x Stars and Stripes

3x Captain America’s Shield

This deck would presumably want even initiatives. That lets you snipe an opponent on turn 6 with Bucky and attack with the 13/13 6-drop Cap’n and the 8-drop “No one stuns while I’m around” Cap’n. Mulligan is fun stuff, I guess. I haven’t actually played it yet since the folks working on finishing the MWS set for MUN are having some troubles…

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