The Great Vs. Resolution #20: New Gods

Bah! I should have had this up yesterday. Oh well.

New Gods. A name that strikes fear into every Vs. System player’s hear— wait. That’s not right, is it? From the top.

New Gods. A name that strikes laughter into every Vs. System player’s heart. Introduced in the Superman: Man of Steel set (widely considered one of the worst sets ever), the New Gods pretty much never saw any real competitive play. Why is that?

Here’s why: No. Freaking. Theme. The New Gods actually have some pretty nice cards in there bag of tricks. However, there is no true cohesiveness to the team and that is why they often fail. That, and most of their cards are just plain average at best which, combined with lack of theme, makes them fail. No wonder DC has killed all these guys off…

But there’s a twist to this article and the deck list you’ll see below. A twist I never anticipated while in the building process. A twist that most likely can be attributed to sheer luck but is quite the twist nonetheless. A twist I didn’t believe until it happened not once, not twice, but three times in a row: The New Gods can win.


New Gods

Golden Age

4x Beautiful Dreamer-Forever People
4x Vykin-Forever People

4x Mark Moonrider-Forever People
4x Shiloh Norman <> Mister Miracle – Soldier of Victory

4x Izaya <> Highfather-The Inheritor
2x Commander, Military Leader of New Genesis

3x Scott Free <> Mister Miracle-Escape Artist
1x Metron-Time Traveler

3x Big Barda-Barda Free

3x Lightray-Solis

1x Orion-Dog of War

Plot Twists:
4x Heroes of Two Worlds
4x Mobilize
4x Blood Feud
4x The Prophecy Fulfilled
3x Fear Skull

4x The Source
3x Super-Town

If you don’t get the name of the deck, think about footnotes and how they refer to The Source of the information quoted. Get it? Hurray for obscure reading references!

This deck wants even initiatives since it lets you defend on odds which is very, very good. Mulligan condition is your 2/3 drop and a search.

Deck plays nothing until turn 2. Preferably, you’re going to play Vykin since he has better stats and doesn’t care too much if he gets stunned. Otherwise, you play Beautiful Dreamer. She isn’t too amazing (and she should have flight, look at the card!) but combos well with Super-Town.

How can you not love this guy? First off, his name is reminiscent of Luke Skywalker which makes him nerdtastic. Second, his flavor text is cheesy as heck which furthers his awesome level. Finally, he’s 5 endurance burn a turn! If you can keep his cosmic around for even just two turns, that’s 1/5th of an opponent’s endurance right there! Amazing.

Alternatively, you have another great card in Shiloh Norman <> Mister Miracle, Soldier of Victory. His combination of evade and vengeance makes every attack into him a wasted attack for the opponent since all you take is stun loss while the attacker can’t ready plus Shiloh gets to stick around. Very, very good card.

On turn 4 you’re generally going to play Izaya <> Highfather. He’s got higher than average stats (7/8 ) and if you can keep him alive going into the recovery phase, he lets you recover someone at the low price of a discard. Combine that with Super-Town and you’ve got some fun. As choice numero dos, you have Commander, Military Leader of New Genesis. You’re most likely only going to get one free cosmic counter off his effect so its best to make it count by putting it on Moonrider if he lost it last turn since that means you get the glorious 10 total burn.

Scott Free appears on turn 5. He gives you one free stall. Make it count. Your other choice is Metron who has tiny attack and decent defense (7/10) but can negate a key opposing plot twist. Not great since an opponent can just attack him without using a plot to rid him of his cosmic counter and get rid of his negation but it’s something nasty if the opponent needs to search.

Scott Free’s wife, Big Barda, comes into play a turn after her husband. Honestly, if the New Gods had a better 6-drop I’d use it but they don’t so I’m stuck with her. She does go well with a certain Prophecy we will get into later…

Can you say “Mark Moonrider but bigger and badder”? That pretty much sums Lightray up. Activate him for seven burn, stun an attacker back for six or seven more. I’d say that isn’t bad by any meaning of the word.

Finally, Orion drops on turn 8. He’s got tiny stats for an 8-drop, his first effect just stalls while requiring you to exhaust your 8-drop, and his second effect is Fizzle on a stick about 5 turns later than its useful. Still, he’s an 8-drop *shrug*.

The New Gods are packing 7 locations. Of course, you have the classic The Source. Completely stripping your opponent of any plot twist is excellent plus you get to see their hand and deck so you get some nice recon as well. This deck also has the New Gods’ latest location: Super-Town. Cosmic-Surge helps this team a fair amount with the Mister Miracle’s attack remove pseudo-stall going on. It won’t win you the game but its useful.

The plot twists start out normal. Eight copies of search is standard in the Resolution decks. This is followed by Blood Feud which is Eviscerate from before Brotherhood made it cool. Then you’ve got the card that makes the New Gods runnable:

With all Lightray and Moonrider burning the opponent, it is possible to bring an opponent below 0 and that’s all Prophecy Fulfilled asks of you. You can be at -200 and you can still win the game. My only dislike about TPF is that you have to flip it during the build phase. Would be much better if you could flip it at the end of combat after an opponent took stunbacks that brought them below 0 just to see you drop to -25 only to get Alt. Win Condition-ed. Still, good card.

The final card on the list is a card that I have never seen played anywhere else ever. It’s a late edition to the deck after I realized it need moar burn. Sadly, Advanced Hardware, Flamethrower, Evil Lair, Cyrogenic Grenade, and Surprise Attack are all Marvel cards. That meant I had to dig through some old DC stuff and I found this gem that the New Gods absolutely love:

Nine times out of ten, you’re going to be losing with the New Gods. So, here’s a card that helps you out a bit. One exhaust gives you a burn ever-so-slightly smaller than the one Mark Moonrider can put out. Not a bad card at all when you just need a few more points to drop the opponent below the required 0.

Now, I said this deck won three times in a row. I wasn’t lying. A quick breakdown of the games and how New Gods pulled them off:

1. New Gods vs. X-Statix/Villains United Solo-Style: I believe it was turn 4 or possibly 5. The opponent had Coercion face-up and the two teams were being all friendly. The opponent attempted to play some plot twist or another (or perhaps it was Science Spire…) only to get Coercion nuked by The Source. It turned out that was the only copy he had rowed and the only team-up in his deck. New Gods proceed to get lucky when he misses Zeitgeist and they pick up a win.

2. New Gods vs. Masters of Evil/Green Lanterns Swarm-Style: Vykin locks down the opponent every single turn while Moonrider and Lightray burn him so The Prophecy Fulfilled triggers. Funny thing was, despite having 3/4s of his board constantly exhausted, he still got me down to 10 endurance on turn 7 :D.

3. New Gods vs. Masters of Evil Resource Point-Style: Don’t know how I won this one. Good draw vs. bad draw, I think. All I remember was making it to turn 7, recruiting Lightray, and flipping a Prophecy FTW.

4. New Gods vs. ???: Gah! Can’t remember what the team was. Anyways, this was when the New Gods’ luck finally ran out. Annihilated on turn 5-6. Made me sad.

In all, New Gods… Yeah… What everyone says about them is true but its still kinda fun to run THE underdog team of Vs.

New Gods (Golden) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 3 (Point 1: The Source. Point 2: Mark Moonrider/Lightray burn. Point 3: The Prophecy Fulfilled. Everything else in the deck SUCKS.)

Deck Theme: 3 (Themes? You wanna talk about themes? Burn, Attacker Removal, Recovery, Cosmic. Four schizo themes all in one deck shows how un-unified the New Gods are. Made worse by the fact that lots of the New Gods not in this deck are even more un-unified. I guess there technically is one theme to most of the cards: Crap.)

Ease of Use: 5 (You have to learn attacker removal and learn to burn before attacking. Also flipping Prophecy Fulfilled early. And knowing what to nuke with Source. Not particularly hard to use but not at all “easy”)

Fun Factor: 5 (Blech. It’s an underdog team which makes it fun when you win but it is otherwise crap. Crappy McCrap Crap.)

Overall: 4 (These guys totally deserve their reputation, at least in a mono-team, mono-universe build. They could be better with a team-up and some Marvel card burn but on their own they are crap.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Team Superman (Modern Age)
3. Fantastic Four (Modern)
4. Anti-Matter (Golden)
5. Morlocks (Silver)
6. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

7. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
8. Secret Six (Silver)

9. Revenge Squad (Modern)

10. Teen Titans (Modern)
11. Outsiders (Modern)
12. Hellfire Club (Silver)

13. Inhumans (Silver)
14. Kree (Silver)
15. Future Foes (Silver)

16. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)

17. League of Assassins (Modern)

18. New Gods (Golden)
19. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

Hey! Look at that! Emerald Enemies got a DC Golden Age friend at the bottom of the barrel to play with. Good for them. I really wanted to like the New Gods since they’re so disliked but DAYUM!

This Saturday on the Vs. Resolution: Something! I haven’t quite made my mind up on what just yet. Perhaps DC Golden Age or Marvel Modern Age. Not sure yet. Stay tuned to find out what!


5 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #20: New Gods”

  1. Cool deck. I need to try out the New Gods. I’m pretty sure Izaya + Supertown doesn’t work though, doesn’t he trigger at the start of the recovery phase? If so it’d be too late to surge up the recovered guy.

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Hmm… I forgot the fact that the Surger’s face down at the start of recovery. Not sure if that stops the combo or not. If it does, that’s 3 more slots for different cards since Super-Town would be effectively useless.

  3. Kudos to you for building a New Gods deck, sir!

  4. Number6 Says:

    One possibility to be considered for New Gods is the Mobius Chair. A small DEF bonus and Flight are fine in general, but you can also use it to move Commander (or Moonrider, I think) to the hidden area, which could go a long way to keeping those Cosmic counters around…it’s like getting a one-shot of Franklin Richards without having Franklin Richards. And what about Valkyra? DEF bonuses for adjacent Cosmic attackers (regardless of whether or not they have counters) can be pretty good.

    You’re absolutely right that the New Gods’ one weakness (or rather, their lack of strength) is in the fact that there’s no unifying theme to them. Nice job building a deck around them anyway.

  5. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Off the top of my head, I didn’t use Mobius Chair because I had Super-Town + Izaya. However, since that probably doesn’t work anymore, it is highly likely I would now include the Chair over Super-Town.

    Valkyra was originally my 5-drop… until I realized I rarely have anyone else with Cosmic on turn 5. Moonrider is usually dead and I don’t have Commander inplay by then. She often ended up as a 10/10 5-drop that got stunned and turned into a 10/8 and nothing more. I proceeded to blow raspberries at her, swap Scott Free into her slot, and put Metron where Scott Free previously was as alt. drop.

    I was actually surprised with the New Gods’ cards. They have some really, really good ones. Off the top my head: The Source, Moonrider, Lightray, both Mister Miracles and Prophecy. In the “above average” area: Escape Artist, Vykin, Izaya, and Mobius Chair. The real problem is they just don’t have anything that goes together to get it done which makes me very sad since they have some very intriguing cards.

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