Congratulations to Vs. Hero(es) of the Month!

After just getting done reading the announcement in this preview article. Just wanted to send out a big “Congrats” to the men behind The Ring Has Chosen podcast: Cliff and Squire. While I’ve admittedly fallen out of practice listening to the shows since the Chicago Megaweekend episode, I know they totally deserve this award. No one works harder for Vs. System than these two. Great work, guys!

On a side note, apparently this blog is good enough to get a mentioning in the runners-up list for last month. Seriously? Thanks a ton to TBS and whoever else decides this award. I personally think there are many better blogs out there but, hey, I’ll take props and free advertisement.

Lastly, Fin Fang Foom. Awesome janky card. Now if I can just figure out a combo with him… (note: 8-drop Dr. Strange doesn’t work. I tried.)


2 Responses to “Congratulations to Vs. Hero(es) of the Month!”

  1. (*round of applause for thee*)

  2. You deserve it, definitely. And I think you could definitely be a future winner! Congrats.


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