League of Negatives + Aqua-Mystique Goes Off Big!

I’ve recently taken advantage that neil04 of Darkseid Revenge has put all the previewed Marvel Universe cards into an MWS set and have begun building decks with the 1/5th or so MUN cards we have access to. In particular, I’ve built the following crappy Negative Zone/League of Assassins deck.

Double Negative

League of Assassins/Negative Zone

Silver Age

4x Alpha Primitives – Army
4x Novice Assassin, Army

4x Hassim, Loyal Retainer

4x Thanos, The Mad Titan
2x The Mad Dog, Rabid Killer

4x Merlyn, Direct Hit Man
2x Syphonn – Energy Leech

4x Annihilus, Anti-Matter Master

3x David Cain, World Class Assassin

2x Blastaar, The Living Bomb Burst

Plot Twists
4x Enemy Of My Enemy
4x The Demon’s Head

4x Mountain Stronghold, Non-Unique
4x StarkTower – TEAM-UP
4x Unstable Ground
3x Negative Zone, Non-Unique<>Prison Alpha
2x Negative Zone, Non-Unique<>Gateway
2x Negative Zone – Shadow Dimension

Short version: Play Thanos, use Merlyn/Cain’s effects to replace Unstable Ground, bring another Unstable into play via Thanos, begin looping for roughly 8 burn a turn. This is just a real rough thing that justs uses the two MUN Negative Zones that have been released. It’s unlikely to last past the 10th ;).

On an unrelated note, check out what happens when you get a decent draw with Roguer’s Aqua-Mystique deck I talked about awhile ago.

85 points of attack on turn 6 FTW!

Actually, to be honest, I lost that match. Stupid free reinforcement from Invisible Woman and stupid bricked attack into Doctor Strange… The 85 attack points were gained by recruiting 3-drop Magneto and three Sea Creatures followed by double Genosha. This left me with the following amazingness: 3x Common Bond (with the required three 2-drops for max effect), 3x The Next Brotherhood, and 3x Forward Assault. That’s 60 points of attack pumps.

And I still lost. Hurray for me!


One Response to “League of Negatives + Aqua-Mystique Goes Off Big!”

  1. Oh man, you GOTTA play Blindsided in a deck where you intend to be pumping for a billion million damage attack!

    Glad to see I’m not the only person designing decks with MUN cards before they come out. 🙂


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