A Winner Is Ranma

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

On behalf of KaleeshWarrior, Kamiza and of course myself, I’d like to congratulate:


  • RanmaSolo was successfully able to divine the url from posts at The Kamiza
  • RanmaSolo was successfully able to determine the answers from Planet Kalee
  • RanmaSolo was successfully able to submit the answers as directed at Lost Hemisphere

For his efforts he wins a dozen assorted VS boosters! WHOOOO!

Now, how did he do it?

Each of the three blogs, for ten consecutive days, posted pics of the same card. It all started with Mysterium, and ended with Thor. These cards were, conveniently, of different drops – one each from 1 to 10. By placing them in order, the clues started to fall into place.

At The Kamiza, the titles of each post gave a series of capital letters, starting with Where the Wild Wind Blows (WWWB). By using the numerical code provided in the Crossblog Challenge announcement (3.13.3 3 6), the full URL was determined. Three letters. Thirteen letters. Three letters. Three letters. Six letters. www.bluekangaroostudios.com/cdm/puzzle

At Planet Kalee, the clues to finding the way through the puzzle were seeded, along with a series of red herrings (including the numerical code 1 18.5.4, which translates when numbers are substituted for letters to “a red herring”). If the posts were placed in the correct order from 1 to 10, the correct path was revealed. However, there was only one path to the correct answer. Answer any one question wrong, and you’d end up at the wrong result.

At Lost Hemisphere, each post that held one of the ten linking cards also held a single picture of another card. By placing these other cards in the correct order, their costs provided another 10-digit number. By interpreting the numerical code 13.5.24 16, you got MEX 16 – Call In A Favor. Dialing the 10-digit number connected to… well, me.

By answering with the correct card, RanmaSolo steps up to the Big Leagues. Gratz again, Mike!


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