MUN Spoilers FTW!!

HUGE thanks to im_all_noobish from the Realms for scanning in a ton of cards for all us poor, non-MUN laden folk to look at. Thanks noobish!

Anyways, here’s the link to the Realms thread with all the images. There’s about 6 posts worth on the front page and another post about 5 pages in with images as well.

To card/team discussion!

Warbound: These guys have caught my eye since preview season started due to the fact that they’re a solo-themed team where you WANT to only have one guy. I’ve always loved the oddball themes where you do things you really shouldn’t be doing so they instantly go on my “to build” list. After looking at the cards in the thread above, I’m starting to think the following is the ideal curve:

1. Mastermind Excello (1-drop who can activate and pitch a Hulk to draw two. Excellent)

2. Miek (One of the Warbound “remove from game to give Hulk stuff” cards. Gives Hulk a permanent Blindsided)

3. Hulk, Exile (7/6 with the drawback of discarding a Hulk)

4. Brood (“Remove from game, everyone Hulk stuns is KOed” Board-clearing, anyone?)

5. Hulk, Grumpy Green Goliath (Off-team but there’s a new World War Hulk card that is basically Midnight Sons for them. Lets you throw him right in.)

6. Caiera (Let’s Hulk attack multiple times)

7. Hulk, Sakaarson (Deck probably won’t go to turn 7 but he’s a 17/17 and everytime Hulk becomes stunned, you get to KO a resource).

Then you have some nuts support cards such as the already seen Hulk Smash (+8 ATK FTW), Righteous Anger (Ready effect at the cost of 3-5 endurance? Sure), Trouble with Dinosaurs (+8 ATK – 1ATK for each character, in this deck that’d likely be +7 ATK), and Bloodsport (If an opponent team attacks into Hulk, you can basically force an opponent to turn it into a standard attack by making them pick an attacker, ready the rest and remove the readied ones from the attack). In all, Hulk is gonna be NUTS just from these few cards.

Negative Zone: Wow. The unpreviewed Negative Zones rock. First, you have “Harvester of Sorrows” which costs a discard to flip but gains you 1 endurance for each stunned opposing character at start of recovery. Multiples could be nasty. Second, you have “Seat of Annihilation”. It also costs a discard but this time you get to draw a card at the start of recovery as long as an opponent controls more stunned characters than you. Again, nasty in multiples. From there, you have the Seekers which are an army 3-drop that rallies for any card with Negative Zone as text or affiliation in it which is nice. Then there’s the Centurions who are a 9/5 army 4-drop that can’t be stunned while attacking. Nuts. Negative Zone is gonna rock the casbah.

Thunderbolts: Penance! I love the guy just due to his sheer lameness and he got one of my favorite cards evar in his 3-drop. Play someone else on turn 3, go into turn 4 by playing a resource and recruiting as normal, sub Penance into play for your 3-drop, start of combat use Thunderbolts HQ to get another resource. From this point onwards, you have a 7/7 3-drop with no drawback. Suh-weet. Also, all the +1/+1 counter stuff that requires characters to have two +1/+1 counters is nuts. Team-up with Doom Patrol and play the new 1-cost Green Goblin that can stun to give someone a +1/+1. Between Dayton, GG, and Heroic Effort (or whatever the plot that gives counters is), you can be activating the +1/+1 madness the turn each character comes into play. Nuts.

Avengers: So… many… cards… I really don’t know what to do with them. I’m leaning towards Young Avengers/Teen Titans. I can’t remember what it’s called but somewhere in the scans I saw a team attacker recovery effect with an additional boost cost that lets you ready it. Teen Titans love that. After that, I’m just so confused by all the awesome to know where to start.

Crime Lords/S.H.I.E.L.D.: That’s right. I’m putting them together. Between all the bouncing, these guys play off each other so well. Combine that with their “Double Agent” team-up that gains you 4 endurance each play (best team-up effect ever) and you’ve got some nutsness right there. Individually, Crime Lords direct attack looks like it could be excellent while S.H.I.E.L.D. is much like Avengers in my mind, so many cards I don’t know what to do with them.

Phalanx: Holy crap. There’s currently only one card for these guys in Ultron, Ultron Prime but… holy crap. Sure, he forces you to give a +1/+1 counter to your opponent but in exchange he can’t be stunned by anyone with +1/+1 counters. Holy crap. Between all the +1/+1 counter gain stuff that has come out recently, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a deck with counters already built-in. Even if you don’t, just making Ultron unstunnable to every opposing character (turn 5 combat: place +1/+1 on 5-drop, turn 6: their 6-drop, turn 7: 7-drop, etc.) is nuts and makes him a stall king. Excellent card.

That’s all I got for now. I need to go refresh the page again to see if there are new cards. Exciting, exciting times although my Resolution is a bit annoyed at having yet more affiliations to need to get done :p.

Oh, and for the record, I have a facebook page now (I hate social networking but the “Pieces of Flair” app made me do it) and have been working on Vs. Flair so start searching for them via the flair app to sport your Vs. stuff. They aren’t up yet due to them being pending but, whatev. Right now I have made a flair for the Vs. logo, Martian Manhunter (Midnight Cravings art), Joker (Have A Blast art), and Hulk (Grumpy Green Goliath art). I’ll take requests and post those up as well. Let me know what you’d like, if any, in the comments.


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