My Resolution Screeches In Pain From Confusion, Good Pain But Still Pain

If that isn’t the longest blog post title I’ve ever done, I don’t know what is.

This is all of MUN. Thanks to im_all_noobish, I can officially say I have seen the entirety of the set and it is AWESOME. So much goodness. I honestly don’t think there’s a major stinker in there anywhere. All the teams look amazing, fun, and just plain sweet to play.

So why the blog title moaning about my Resolution? Two reasons.

First, “How do you solve a problem like Nextwave?”[/soundofmusic]. Throw in United Front and the other small teams as well. Seriously, I want to build decks around them yet there aren’t enough cards in each team to pull it off. Bah! I’ll figure it out eventually… perhaps combine mini-teams together? That could work.

Second, dual-affiliations everywhere! Does Iron Man go in a S.H.I.E.L.D. or Avengers deck? What about the Thunderbolts? Should I let myself get away with packing S.H.I.E.L.D. cards in a T-Bolts deck as long as I still meet the T-Bolts printed requirement? Bah! Tricksy awesome dual-affiliations throw quite the monkey wrench into the Resolution.

I’ll figure all this out eventually. Expect to see an explosion of posts in this next week once the MUN MWS set is released. I have seen the future and it is awesome!


3 Responses to “My Resolution Screeches In Pain From Confusion, Good Pain But Still Pain”

  1. Number6 Says:

    Ugh, my head is still spinning from all the card entries! Here’s a potential Warbound curve for ya:

    Turns 1-3: non-Hulks…none of them are bad at all, you’ve got the “Activate->BounceMe” crew and the “I go away but Hulk gets amazing” guys. About the only one that needn’t see play is Archangel, simply because he’s best as a Flying Kick for the Hulk and doesn’t do anything useful in play.
    Turn 4, Hulk, clear the board of everyone else for his Flame Trap if you like (they certainly don’t need to stay around)…preferably off-init here.
    Turn 5, Hulk with boost, for free stun action and then some beats on-init.
    Turn 6, Hulk with boost, for a massive 18/18 thanks to a pile of counters…good wall off-init.
    Turn 7, Hercules so that you can attack with Hulk and then ready him with even MORE counters. Hulk-6 would be a double-attacking 21/21…and depending on who you got out in turns 1-3 he might also have more pump, Invulnerability, and auto-breakthrough. That should wrap up the game nicely with a turn 7 initiative, though of course you’ve got Hulk-8 as an option if it’s not enough.
    Mix in the various Warbound stuff (it’s basically all for Hulk) and you’re good to go!

    SHIELD got so much stuff, they’ve even got more character cards than some teams that have been around for a while…and the Avengers got loads of rally effects, Reservists galore, but also some nifty Leader cards…T-Bolts are nuts about +1/+1 counters, I’m guessing some enterprising souls will be pairing them off with Doom Patrol…Crime Lords almost have too much going on now…and there’s so much common-version happiness!
    Well like I said, my head’s spinning (though that’s also probably the last 48 hours with about 10 of sleep in there). Hooray for new cards!

  2. Focus, my friend! I’d suggest trying not to get too distracted by all the new shininess…. maybe you should just mail all of your MUN to me to reduce the risk of getting off track with your resolution… 😉

  3. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    I like the Warbound curve except I really think I prefer Brood on 4 over Hulk and then I’ve got to wonder whether Caiera or Hulk is better on 6… Confusing but fun. Will definitely be toying around with Hulk in the coming days.

    Mail you all my MUN? I can do that. How much is postage for an empty envelope to Canada? 😀

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