National Symbol: Captain America Legend Theme Deck of American-ness + Some MUN set thoughts at the end

Yes, I am going to continue pushing the title length for posts from now on.

I just got done “building” this via im_all_noobish’s image spoiler. This will likely be the first thing I play around with on MWS. It’s got everything I like. Theme, a cool character, strong cards, and a bit of jank. Hurray for the man with the A on his head!

Captain America: Ultimate Patriot

Captain America Legend

Modern Age/Legend

4x James Barnes <> Bucky, Kid Commando

4x Captain America, Patriot . Secret Avenger
2x Hawkeye <> Ronin, Secret Avenger

4x Falcon, Secret Avenger
1x Patriot, Elijah Bradley . Young Avenger

4x Captain America, Champion License
3x James Barnes <> Winter Soldier, Out in the Cold

4x Punisher, Captain America

3x Captain America, Living Legend

2x James Barnes <> Captain America, Legacy Reborn

1x Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty

Plot Twists:
4x Underground Movement, Team-Up
4x Clash of Worlds
4x Heroes of Two Worlds
4x Final Justice
4x Charging Star
3x Mobilize
3x Stars and Stripes

3x Captain America’s Shield

This deck would presumably want even initiatives. That lets you snipe an opponent on turn 6 with Bucky and attack with the 13/13 6-drop Cap’n and the 8-drop “No one stuns while I’m around” Cap’n. Mulligan is fun stuff, I guess. I haven’t actually played it yet since the folks working on finishing the MWS set for MUN are having some troubles…

Bucky is your 1-drop although you’ll never play him on that turn. He’s a freaking 5/4 1-drop! With range! His downside is you can only recruit him when you have Steve Rogers around and then whenever Cap gets stunned, Bucky gets KO’d. That’s a heavy cost. But still! 5/4! Poison Ivy is gonna love this guy if you can figure out how to make him Secret Society.

Turn 2 is the first Captain America. His effect isn’t likely to do anything outside of maybe give himself a +1/+1 counter and you a free card. He’s really just in here because things start rolling. As another option on turn 2, you have Hawkeye. This seems unflavorful at first until you remember Clint was running around as Captain America for a short time so I threw him in.

On turn 3 you have Falcon who can easily become a 6/7 with flight if you are successful at rallying Captain America into your hand. Alternately, you can play Patriot who gives you LOTS of rallies. Another turn 3 play would be the 2-drop you don’t control and then Bucky who is basically a 3-drop anyways. Lots of choices on 3.

Captain America, Champion License if your 4-drop. Either combat redirection or free invulnerability. Who doesn’t love giving an opponent a “choice” like that one? You know who else forces opponents into bad situations? James Barnes <> Winter Soldier, Out in the Cold. Play him and then your opponent has to be very careful how they recruit because someone is gonna get nuked by turn 7.

Punisher, Captain America comes in on turn 5. He basically has a built-in “You Dare?” from Call of Galactus saying “Exhaust me and anyone in combat with that dude over there dies.” Awesome. Plus he’s flavor and I like me flavor.

Everyone loves 6-drop Captain America. If you don’t, then you don’t love America… or something. 13/13 with range and if any of your Avengers would get stunned you can just exhaust Cap’n instead. Nasty stuff.

James Barnes <> Captain America comes in from the cold on turn 7.  He still likes his counters since he enters play with triple “bullet counters”. The former Bucky lets you remove these counters one by one to give a character -3 DEF for an attack. Nasty stuff. Can blow them all to drop someone a full -9 DEF. He’s further powered by his second effect that lets you discard a Captain America to “officially” make James the new Captain by giving him the name. This lets you play all of America’s fun stuff on the pistol-toting former brainwashed commie. Good stuff.

Finally, you have Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty. “While Captain America is visible in your front row, other characters you control cannot be stunned.” Uh… what? Not at all? Even if I’m attacking? And what sort of subpar stats do I have to deal with for such an effect… 19/19? Holy crap! Great overpowered card.

Plot twists are as follows:

Search is covered by Heroes of Two Worlds and Mobilize. HoTW gives you access to any character in the deck other than Hawkeye and Patriot but since their before turn 4 anyways, its no big deal. Mobilize works with the following.

Team-Up is Underground Movement. There’s really no particular reason for this one over Superhuman Registration Act other than flavor. Oh, and hiding Punisher, Captain America so that he can constantly use his ability sounds cool.

A Clash of Worlds. Do I have to explain why this is in a legend build?

Final Justice: “Attacking Captain America never stuns. Ever. Even when he defends later. N.e.v.e.r. S.t.u.n.s.” Yeah…

Charging Star: +4 DEF is incredibly good. +4 DEF with negation on top is just stupid.

Stars and Stripes: “Pay X endurance -> Recover a Captain America with cost X.” I can only use this once per turn, right? I mean it’d be stupid otherwise since I could recover 80% of my board each turn. *checks card* Holy crap this card is stupid!

Captain America’s Shield: Attack with Cap’n, throw his shield, profit.

In all, I’m really, REALLY excited about playing around with Captain America and his friends. I came very close to adding in “Carrying the Torch” so I could convert the 4-drop James Barnes and the 5-drop Punisher into Captain Americas as well but decided against it. I think that just having every freaking card based off the Captain is good enough.

This set looks so insanely good that it isn’t funny. Have you looked at the card numbers for this set? Seriously, check them out. Avengers have 50 cards in this set NOT counting the S.H.I.E.L.D. dual-affiliates. nuts. Counting Thunderbolts, they have 80 or so cards. Counting Avengers plots they can use and characters they can easily team-up with, they easily have over 100 cards this set. Thunderbolts alone have 30+ card as well as access to the S.H.I.E.L.D. stuffs.  On the smaller side, Warbound and Crime Lords each clock in around 30 cards.

Then you get to the controversy: Negative Zone got 17 cards. I’ve seen lots of complaints about this. The way I see it, that’s 10 more cards than they might have gotten otherwise. Sure, they were the fan vote and they could have gotten more support by cutting another mini-team somewhere or somesuch but that’s still a curve with support cards so I ain’t complaining.

After that is Alpha Flight which got six characters, a plot twist, and a team-up. Totally building something with them. Counting the “Legacy Legend” cards and the Illuminati plots, Infinity Watch scored sixteen cards from this set which will be quite the boon to my Resolution in easing the build. United Front fly in with seven cards and Nextwave with five. Janky team-up right there between two mini-teams, perhaps? Atlantis and Asgard both show up in tiny, tiny fashion seeing three cards a piece. I don’t know how but I’m building them. Finally, Weapon X got three cards, unaffiliated got twelve, and Phalanx got one incredibly card I’m going to work hard on borking. UUULLLTTTRRROOONNN!!!!

So, in all, this set freaking rocks IMO. Since I can’t buy any (no money…), I ask all of you to buy for me and enjoy it.

One more time now.



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