“You might have power, but I am power!”

Thanks to the power of cheap Ebay auctions, I am now owner of the Silver Surfer Heralds of Galactus pre-release t-shirt for the low, low price of $12.50 counting shipping. Look at that awesomeness. Look at it!

I would say this officially makes me a Vs. nerd (as if the fact that I play it online and will rattle off a character’s stats and powers at the drop of a hat wasn’t proof enough). I also attempted to get a Superman t-shirt and the Infinity Crisis: Dr. Fate shirt but that went just out of range of what was in my Paypal account. Still, one shirt is better than none and the Silver Surfer is awesome in so many ways. How many ways? I can produce 5 off the top of my head.

1. One of his cards has the word “chillax” in it. It also portrays him as attending a beach party which is amusing since it directly contrasts his normal job as Harbinger of Oblivion.

2. He has a card that does something incredible in skipping an entire phase of the game. It also has “Harbinger” in its version and “Harbinger” is a cool word.

3. He is one of the only cards in the game that lets you skip a turn by giving you resource without also giving your opponent one.

4. He has an 11-drop. Who else has an 11-drop? No one. Also, he has a tendency to have amazing flavor text and Silver Surfer, Herald has one of the best chunks.

5. You can almost play a full curve of Surfers. You’ve got a 2-drop, and then a 4-drop, a 5-drop, a 6-drop, two 7-drops, an 8-drop, and then the all mighty 11-drop. All the Surfer needs is a 3-drop and you could run a whole de— Wait, the Surfer just got a 3-drop! And an awesome “Silver Savage” version as well. Brain is ticking now. Expect a Silver Age Silver Surfer curve deck where every drop is the Surfer in the future. If only A Clash Of Worlds costed 4 so it was searchable by the 2-drop Surfer… Bah. I’ll figure it out eventually.


One Response to ““You might have power, but I am power!””

  1. Kristoffer Schou Says:

    If you want a Dr Fate shirt, send me an email.

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