The Great Vs. Resolution #21 Presents A MWS Gem: Shi’ar

It’s time to play with the rules of the Resolution.

A few days ago I played a deck on MWS that was simply insane. It was a near mono-Shi’ar deck built by a user at TCGplayer with the handle jack1893. He requested that I leave a comment on the site’s deck feature and I said I would and I also asked if I could post it on my blog which he said was fine.

After further thought, I realized that with a build this exceedingly perfect, I really didn’t need to build a Shi’ar deck for my Resolution. With a single Shi’ar shaped stone, I get a new MWS gem and a Resolution deck done. How cool is that?

For the record, this deck defies a few of the rules for Resolution deckbuilding. For a quick refresher on said rules:

The Great Vs. Resolution Guidelines:

All characters must share a printed affiliation, at least 50% of non-character cards must be team or character-stamped, remaining cards must be from the same universe as the affiliation for the deck, deck must be in as recent of a format as possible.”

Like with the Secret Six, I am skirting the rules for this deck. One character in the deck is unaffiliated because the deck requires it or it would literally do nothing. The Shi’ar have no non-character cards so they can’t fulfill the 50% requirement. Finally, the deck requires several DC cards to work properly. To sum all this rulebreaking up, the only rule this deck doesn’t break is “legal in most recent format”.

So, with that all out of the way, jack1893’s Shi’ar deck.

You shall not pass!


Modern Age

4x Professor X, Mutant Benefactor

25x Shi’ar Soldier, Army

3x Lilandra, Majestrix of the Shi’ar

3x Gladiator, Praetor of the Imperial Guard

1x Onslaught, Psionic Spawn of Xavier and Magneto

Plot Twists:

4x Combat Veteran
4x Have a Blast!
4x Home Surgery
4x Dirty Tricks
3x Only Human
3x Pathetic Attempt


4x Birthing Chamber

Here’s jack1893’s thoughts on the deck from his listing on TCGplayer:

mulligan for Onslaught or birthing chamber in normal game, mulligan for defensive pumps against early win decks, when playing against a high attack deck play dont play Lilandra or Gladiator until you are sure you can stonewall everything they have to throw at you, home surgery to save your early guys, have a blast for omnipotence, only human for payment power killin characters, use Lilandra to ready Gladiator as soon as the attack is Legal to make him huge.

Basically what this deck does is play Prof. X on turn 1 to start filtering your deck. A Shi’ar Soldier comes down on turn 2 and doesn’t do much of anything. Turn 3 is where things start moving a bit with a second Shi’ar Soldier and Prof. X if you still don’t have him. Finally, if the deck enters turn 4 with both Shi’ar Soldiers still inplay and there is the opportunity to play two more Shi’ar Soldiers, it has practically won. Why? Let’s take a second look at the Soldier.

So, on turn 2 when you only have one of these guys, he’s a lowly defense boost of 1. On turn 3 when you have two, you can activate both for a +4 DEF pump. Last I checked, 6 DEF on turn 3 wasn’t bad by any means. The Shi’ar really start cooking on turn 4 when you should have 4 inplay. That is a +16 DEF pump! An opponent is likely to have all of his drops on the board at this point so, presuming they have average attack, he has a combined attack value of 7 + 5 + 3 or 15. A quadruple activation on a Soldier will give them 18 DEF. That means an opponent would have to team attack with a pump to stun ONE Soldier. One.

Turn 5 is occasionally Gladiator/Lilandra but you’re probably best off playing two more Shi’ar Soldiers. If luck is with you, that’s 6 Soldiers on the field for a +36 DEF pump. Average curve deck will have 24 in printed ATK at this point. The Soldiers now have a near insurmountable wall that is only able to be broken by lots of ATK pumps, direct burn, and out of combat stuns. It is not difficult for them to then stall until turn 9 to bring out Onslaught FTW.

You know what’s even crazier about this deck? That’s just using the power of one card. Let’s look at the support:

Birthing Chamber gives you crazy good draws. Only Human is tech against characters with combat-phase stamped stun abilities, lockout abilities like Mr. Sinister and Lex Luthor, and anything else you just don’t like. Pathetic Attempt further allows you to protect cards like Birthing Chamber or characters from free stuns/KOs. Have A Blast! replaces a nasty looking card like Total Anarchy, Omnipotence, or The Raft from MUN. Combat Veteran is another +2 DEF pump on an exhaust Soldier which will help get them through the early game. Home Surgery also helps retain board advantage. Finally, there is the card I can take moderate amounts of credit for inclusion in the deck:

The Shi’ar deck doesn’t start attacking until turn 9 so its ATK values are useless. This makes Dirty Tricks insanely good. It’s practically a global +1 DEF pump for all your guys when one-on-one with an opponent and it’s an even bigger “pump” when the opponent team attacks. Then, when Onslaught rolls into town, you can Have A Blast it to keep his attack up and then swing for the win.

This deck is truly insane. I have only played against it once and it was NOT a good experience. When I first saw him play Professor X I was like “Oh, another Illuminati build” and then he played a Shi’ar Soldier and I was like “Dude! Shi’ar! First time anyone was crazy enough to play with them”. I figured I had an easy win in the bag. I ended up missing my 2 and 3-drops and that gave jack the time to get his board ready to take on anything. The deck is simply crazy. It isn’t fast, it isn’t assaulting, and it isn’t tricksy. It’s just crazy and jack1893 is a crazy dude for making the Shi’ar something so brilliant.

NOTE! The following scores are based off one game playing AGAINST the deck. They should not be taken particularly seriously but if the deck is as consistent as it was in that game, they should be accurate.

Shi’ar (Modern) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 8 (B.R.I.C.K.W.A.L.L. All it takes is four Shi’ar Soldiers on the field by turn four and two more in the hand for turn 5 and it’s practically game over. Question is how consistently you can get those four Soldiers.)

Deck Theme: 6 (Gotta dock the deck a bit here. It’s just a deck built around a swarm of defensive pumps, which is interesting and different but not much of a theme. Also, how does this tie in with the Shi’ar flavor wise?)

Ease of Use: 7 (Your average player looking for something easy is going to want to attack, attack, control, control, do things, win. This deck is just sitting back and LITERALLY doing nothing but turning Shi’ar Soldiers/Birthing Chamber to the right, flipping Dirty Tricks/Birthing Chamber, and countering opposing cards. This isn’t hard to do at all but it requires a mindset of someone who is used to the game so it gets docked a few “Ease of Use” points.)

Fun Factor: 6 (These guys are not fun to play against. I’m going to presume they’re alright to play as but I could see them getting boring quickly. However, there is always the fun of “I just beat you with the Shi’ar!” so I gotta give them a bit of props for that. Sticking them at 6 seems alright to me.)

Overall: 7 (This is a very surprising score for the Shi’ar. I always considered them binder-fodder crap but jack1893 was really on to something when he built this deck.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
2. Team Superman (Modern Age)
3. Fantastic Four (Modern)
4. Anti-Matter (Golden)
5. Morlocks (Silver)
6. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

7. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
8. Secret Six (Silver)

9. Revenge Squad (Modern)

10. Teen Titans (Modern)
11. Outsiders (Modern)
12. Hellfire Club (Silver)

13. Inhumans (Silver)
14. Shi’ar (Modern: MWS Gem)
15. Kree (Silver)
16. Future Foes (Silver)

17. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)

18. League of Assassins (Modern)

19. New Gods (Golden)
20. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

There you have it. The Shi’ar are in the Resolution! Thanks to jack1893 for creating such a great build that I really didn’t have to do anything.

Time for a public service announcement. To be perfectly honest, I’m starting to worry about my Resolution’s chances of getting done. I’ve completed less than half the decks required in half a year. That’s not good. I’m also going to college this fall which will be eating more time. So, here’s what I’m going to do. This next week I’m going to go through all the affiliations in Vs. System, pull out every team I’ve done and every small team that would require me to pull a Shi’ar/Secret Six rule-bending and see where I’m at. If I feel like I’m at a safe point, I might add back various teams that appeal to me. If not, those teams will likely be posted as “bonus content” like on a DVD after the Resolution is over. I’ll be posting the list of teams I’ll be building some time this next week.

Thanks for joining me on this ride and I can’t wait to get this all more manageable and on trck.


4 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #21 Presents A MWS Gem: Shi’ar”

  1. jack1893 Says:

    i think the ease of use should be higher, seriously is there any easier deck to use?

  2. This sounds totally annoying! Who would have thunk it?

  3. jack1893 Says:


  4. […] 10. Teen Titans (Modern) 11. Outsiders (Modern) 12. Hellfire Club (Silver) 13. Inhumans (Silver) 14. Shi’ar (Modern: MWS Gem) 15. Kree (Silver) 16. Future Foes (Silver) 17. Manhunters (Golden) 18. Sinister Syndicate (Modern) […]

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