Another year, another birthday

First fully non-Vs. related post ever. I was able to hold off for half a year. That ain’t bad.

This morning at roughly 4:30 a.m. marked my seventeenth year of life.  Sadly, there isn’t that much attached to turning seventeen. Sixteen has the driver’s license, eighteen is adulthood, and twenty-one is gambling, smoking, alcohol, guns, and all the other fun stuff. Seventeen has… purchasing M-Rated video games, something I’m not particularly interested in (I own a Wii and my computer can barely run games from 2000, I don’t even have access to Mature games).

My current celebration plans are eating a Hot Fudge cake from a local bakery, going to Barnes and Noble to look for some books, Gamestop to browse their used game collection, and Toys R’ Us for some various collectibles and perhaps some card game stuffs. For dinner my parents are taking me to the following restaurant:

That’s right. Chuck E. Freakin’ Cheese’s for my seventeenth birthday. Greatest. Idea. Ever. Honestly, who doesn’t want to go to CEC’s for their birthday? Maybe I’m strange for wanting greasy pizza and arcade games for my birthday instead of fancy Red Lobster food like my older brother normally requests but, what can I say, I’m a free spirit. I might get some pictures while I’m there just to prove my Chuck E. Cheese birthday-dom. If I do, I’ll probably post them on here.

Finally, to finish off my birthday celebrations, tomorrow I get to go see my favorite band of all time live in concert with my brothers and a friend. This band seems to love me. Last year they released their new album on my B-Day, and this year they’re giving me a concert. Combine that with the fact that they have a shirt with a bear fighting a shark and these guys seem to be specifically catering to my tastes. Gotta love it.

Oh, fine, I’ll add some Vs. System related stuff. I’m also working on taking some of my birthday cash and making a deal for a bunch of MXM/MVL commons and uncommons with another blogger. I was planning on buying some boxes of MOR but, really, this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Thanks gdaybloke!

That is all. *blows a party noisemaker* Let the birthday festivities continue!


4 Responses to “Another year, another birthday”

  1. youknowWHO Says:

    HappyHappy Birthday!!
    U ROCK!!

  2. Happy birthday man! 17 may not have importance in the scheme of life… But it has a magazine. For girls. Um… Yeah, anyway, happy birthday!

    What band are you going to see?


  3. Hippo birdy, buddy… rest easy in knowing that I’m twice as old as you are, yet still addicted to cardboard rectangles. Hee!

  4. Happy birthday man! Can’t you see R-rated movies without the parents now? I think that’s at age 17. I can’t remember that long ago ’cause I’m ancient (24)!

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