Hey ya’ll. Just figured it was time I threw something up here. As you can see, it’s been over two weeks since my last post. I guess I should probably drop an update bomb.

Basically, out of nowhere, I lost interest in MWS. I still play Vs. with my brothers (thanks for the new card, gday!) but I haven’t played online in about as long as I haven’t updated here. It just isn’t appealing to me right now. As such, my Resolution and original deck ideas have subsided as well. I dunno what’s gonna happen with this site. Hopefully I get bitten by the bug again and make a big ol’ return. As of right now, however, it looks like it’ll be awhile before any new updates. Sorry guys. Just not feeling it :(.




2 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. You can have my slot in Flashback’s MWS tournament if it’ll reinvigorate you… you can win stuff 😉

  2. Number6 Says:

    It can be good to get away for a bit, keeps you from burning out completely on something you like. I hope you’ll come back to this eventually…and in the meantime, enjoy playing with the real cards! If you have time, keep in touch!

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