Arkham Non-Adjacent Customs

I’ve actually had the follow five cards sitting on my computer for awhile now but never bothered posting them. Since I’m still in the playtesting phase for the various decks I’m considering putting on here, I figured I might as well post these cards as a sort of “I’m still here” to show that I’m not abandoning the return two days after announcing it.

The Arkham Inmates’ currently have two strong themes: Insanity and Non-Adjacent. Insanity is something I still haven’t gotten around to building but non-adjacent Arkham has always been a favorite concept of mine. The original version using only cards from DWF was… rough. Then Hush, Silent And Deadly came around and made the deck incredibly feasible. However, it’s still got some weak spots in the curve. Particularly, spots five and six where the current options are a bland 10/10 on 5 and… absolutely nothing on 6. These customs are meant to fix those things by building off of the 4-drop Hush. See if you can spot the theme of the cards. It shouldn’t be hard.

Riddler! I always thought it was a shame that there wasn’t yet a particularly “riddlesome” Riddler. The current Riddlers can KO stuff off the top of the deck, block plot twists, force discards, and exhaust characters. None of those feel particularly Riddler-ish to me.

That’s what Riddler, Hush Little Baby is supposed to do. His stats are weak because Edward Nygma just isn’t a fighter. He makes up for it with a built in Pleasant Distraction that is unnegatable by Pathetic Attempt due to my wording. The idea here is that Riddler goes and drops off a Riddler at whoever’s doorstep and they have to solve it, therefore leaving them wherever they are rather than running off into a fight. This is similar to the 4-drop Riddler’s exhaustion effect but different insomuch as the “riddled” character can still use activation effects, a purposeful design since a character who’s sitting at home solving a riddle can still do things.

Riddler’s second effect is meant to show his “detective” side. Nygma is one of the only Batman villains to have correctly deduced the fact that Bats is Wayne. To show this, Riddler can exhaust to both search an opponent’s hand and force them to discard a card. A simple effect but quite useful.

So, Riddler adds options to the 5-drop slot for an unadjacent build. But what about that 6-drop? It’s time for Mummy Man to do it again.

Oh yeah. Free stun off-initiative at the cost of a discard and being unadjacent. I honestly believe this fits Hush because, well, he’s Hush. He’s bad like that. Also, it allows the fun little back and forth of “Hush attempts to stun Batman, Cape and Cowl. Batman negates. Batman smacks Hush around” which is pretty similar to what happens in the comics. My one thought is that this could be pretty powerful just as a splash into an Arkham deck without having to go unadjacent. If it turned out to be too powerful, I’d change it from “Hush being not adjacent” to “all characters you control being not adjacent”.

Now you’re probably asking: “If Hush is going to be ran on turn 6, isn’t that a bit soon considering has a character on turn 4?” The answer is “Yes, it is.” However, I planned for this and made another character that slides right into the unadjacent theme.

Good ol’ Jason Todd. I actually raised an eyebrow when he popped up during my reading of the Hush books. I never expected them to bring back Todd since it sorta felt like a copout to his earlier death…

Anyways, Todd has lots going on. First, Subsitute. This fits with Gotham Knights via their little “substitute in for Batman” ability and it fits with the events of Hush which I won’t spoil here but there was substituting going on. It also makes it so you can slide him in for the 4-drop Hush and not lose a 4-drop in the Arkham build.

Second effect is simple. Todd starts with no affiliation. This is playing off his previous 3-drop Jason Todd <> Red Hood and also the fact that the guy honestly has no affiliation. However, if you have a Gotham Knight or an Arkham Inmate inplay, he’ll snatch their team. Play Catwoman and you’ve got both.

Finally, Jason Todd’s “bridge” effect between his two teams. While unadjacent, Todd can negate payment effects. See the bridge? Unadjacent and negate? Perhaps the effect is a bit powerful for playing that early (compared to Cape and Cowl who drops on turn 4) but with Pathetic Attempt running around, I don’t know what’s not broken anymore.

Now, normally, I’d call a custom card article a day after three cards but I’ve got two more for you. The unadjacent theme currently has a mere two plot twists. That’s just sad.

Hush is sorta the Anti-Batman, right? This card is sort of meant to represent that. Pick a name, whenever they’re stunned by an unadjacent Arkham guy, they take double stun. First, you have the Anti-Batman part which is double stunning. That’s a Batman effect. Then, you have the flavor. Hush uses his knowledge of Batman’s identity to increase the amount of damage he can do to the Dark Knight. So by knowing the “Answer to the Riddle” and the name of your target, you to can double the pain you inflict.

Carrying on with the Hush Anti-Batman theme, we have the final card of this article.

I hate negation. HATE IT. So, here’s the solution. A card that negates negation. Genius! Technically, this card is generic but I have a feeling few decks outside of Arkham would want to go 100% unadjacent. Although, when I think of it, this could just add more fuel to the Hulk gamma fire… Anyways, idea here is that Batman tries to negate something but Hush is a step ahead and stops him. Perhaps this should have been a Legend card and required one to control Hush. I dunno.

And there you have it. Five Hush-themed cards meant to add a bit more power to Hush and his loner friends. My next post should have some actual weight behind it. Should. I’m think Thanos “legal in a billion formats” Legend will work nicely…


One Response to “Arkham Non-Adjacent Customs”

  1. Nice stuff, though some of it seems a bit high-powered (then again, I know nothing of Hush or his storyline). For instance, Riddler’s activated effect is like the old Charles Xavier, but not restricted to combat phase…plus he’s hidden AND can shut down someone from attacking back on your init. If he were visible, and the triggered power was something like “choose a character, when that character attacks, its controller must discard a card” (they have to solve the riddle–the discard–but if they do, they can go after their target), then I think it might still be flavorful without getting too strong. The character still has the option of attacking, but there’s a cost attached; and the triggered effect could even go on “combat phase” so it triggers every turn rather than “attack step” since Riddler would have to be nonadjacent and would be visible in order to get that effect.
    Hush’s power does look very strong, but the low DEF, plus various negation (especially from Batman himself) means that it’s readily balanced by him being easily trounced. Making it “all non-adjacent” would definitely peg him as the “payoff” for that theme (just as 7-drop Legends have a “payoff” for playing decks around that Legend), but it’s probably not necessary, so I like it as a reasonably balanced card. Ditto for Jason, and I like how he’s also somewhat set up like the TBolts Sub guys, who have Substitute but also an activated effect so that the Sub ability isn’t as abusable.
    I think Answer might be too strong as an Ongoing; especially played against any Army or Legend deck, (but really, against even an ordinary deck), having just two of those faceup means that pummeling on the biggest character in one turn, and then that same character (even though they’d only be second-biggest the following turn) will have TRIPLE stun damage. Maybe something like a non-Ongoing that says, “play only during recovery, choose a character that stunned or was stunned by one of your nonadjacent Arkham guys; the chosen character’s controller loses endurance equal to its cost.” There’s still the burn of “I know who you are” and it can work against both attackers or defenders, even if your opponent dominated you in combat.
    Payback would be good for Arkham nonadjacent, X-Statix solo, Hulk Legend, or even Hellfire solo-visible, Kang solo-visible, Earth 3/Anti-Matter, Underworld or MK Concealed…of course, each of those teams are notable for getting “Payback” and taking revenge, so I suppose it’s appropriate. Plus, I hate negation too. šŸ˜‰

    As for Thanos…I have many of his character cards but haven’t even thought of anything with him as a Legend, so I’m definitely interested to see what you do with him.

    And if you have some time, drop me an email to let me know what you might be thinking about Doctor Who. šŸ™‚

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