A Clash of Worlds: A Barely Legible Match Report

Once upon a time I was on MWS. I waited for a game and just as I was about to give up, a player appeared. When the room opened, he asked if SA would work. “Of course,” I said. I’d been hoping for him to say Silver Age since I’d just gotten done building a new Silver Age jank deck that went something like this…

This isn’t justice…

Silver Age/Legend

Marvel Knights/Punisher

4x Dagger, Lightbringer

4x Punisher, Suicide Run

4x Punisher, Secret Avenger
3x Echo, Masterless Samurai

4x Punisher, Guns Blazing
1x Elektra, Masterless Assassin

2x Punisher, Captain America
1x Captain America, Loyal Patriot

2x Dr. Strange – Illuminati

1x Punisher, Angel of Death

Plot Twists:

4x Mobilize
4x Wild Ride
4x A Clash Of Worlds
3x Carrying The Torch
3x Defensive Formation
2x Sniper Shot

3x New Baxter Building


4x Desert Eagle
4x M60s
3x Mind Gem – Infinity Gem

As you can see, the basic idea is simply to clone Punisher. Why? Because I felt like it.

Now, what sort of deck do you think good ol’ Punisher encountered? I’ll let the match report fill you in.

I win the roll and pick even initiatives. I draw my six cards which, if I remember right, are composed of Wild Ride, 3-drop Punisher, an M60, New Baxter Building, Mind Gem and Sniper Shot. Opponent sets a resource and plays nothing. I consider Wild Ride-ing for Dagger to play the Gem but realize that, with no one to stun, I can’t get Baxter to work next turn for the double draw. Instead, I put WR down as a resource and pass.

Next turn, draw two cards which I can’t quite remember but there wasn’t the 2-drop Punisher or Dagger. So, I play Baxter in my row, flip Wild Ride, grab Dagger, equip Mind Gem, draw-discard, use Baxter, draw again. At this point, I had 3-drop Punisher, 4-drop Punisher, Clash of Worlds, and Carrying the Torch. Things were going pretty well. I pass to my opponent who then plays Jack Knight <> Starman. Me, being incredibly naive, think “cool, JSA”. He draws his card and passes. I ram Dagger into Knight in order to bounce the gem. Next turn and the score is 48-50 his favor.

On turn 3, my naivety disappears. He plays his resource and drops Ahmed, revealing Adrian Chase for his loyalty. He then flips Fate’s Tower, gets a Cloak, activates Ahmed, swaps that Tower for another, gets a Helm, and equips both to… Jack Knight? Huh. He activates Jack and draws before passing init. I put Sniper Shot down followed by Mind Gem on Dagger with Baxter for another double draw. Drawing nothing particularly useful outside my 5-drop Punisher, I recruit Punisher, Secret Avenger. He passes his attack step, I exhaust Punisher to Sniper Shot and ram Dagger in for the one-sided stun and Mind Gem bounce. 47-50.

I open up turn 4 by chaining Sniper Shot onto the Draw Phase, hoping to nuke Ahmed when he tries to transfer the Cloak. I set Carrying The Torch as a resource, use my Clash of Worlds, play 4-drop Punisher, dual equip him with M60s, use Mind Gem-Baxter, and pass. He plays a resource, nukes a resource for a Safe House, and flips a Brother I Satellite to grab Power Girl. He recruits Adrian Chase, uses his effect targeting Jack Knight, followed by a use of said Knight. That’s when he taps Fate’s Tower to transfer resources. Jumping in my seat, I go to exhaust Punisher, Guns Blazing to Sniper Shot in response when I stop. 4 resources. Pathetic Attempt? But I gotta do it. What better story is there than Sniper Shotting Ahmed on turn 4 with a jank Punisher deck. What does he drop from his hand in response? Pathetic Attempt. He transfers the Fartifacts onto Ahmed and passes. I can’t do much so I ram Dagger into Knight to bounce the Gem. He flips Rock of Eternity and readies his guys. However, I presume fearing my 4-drop Punisher, he simply uses Ahmed to grab a new Safe House and passes to recovery.

On turn 5, he drops a JSA Headquarters which he exhausts Jack Knight to activate. He doesn’t grab anything notable. He activates Ahmed, swapping his current Fate’s Tower for a new one which he uses to grab a new Helm. Ahmed is soon equipped with an Amulet and a new Helm for draw. Adrian activates targeting Jack Knight, Power Girl drops onto the field, and Fate’s Tower transfers the Fartifacts to her. My turn I do my Mind Gem dance and lay down an extra Baxter Building before flipping Carrying the Torch. I take an Elektra out of my discard in order to give 4-drop Punisher her name. I then recruit 5-drop Punisher, Captain America (KOing my 3-drop Punisher but not before getting in one last Sniper Shot activate) and pass with my formation being 4-drop 15/7 Punisher in front of Dagger who is next to Captain Punisher. His Rock readies his board and he sends the 14/12 Power Girl into Dagger. I activate Punisher targeting Dagger and getting the stun and taking 14 damage in the process. He follows this up with a team attack with Adrian and Jack into my 5-drop Punisher which I take without a care. I smash Punisher, Guns Blazing into Jack Knight for the KO and the stunback due to Adrian. Recovery wraps up with Dagger finally leaving play as well as my 5-drop Punisher and the score looking something like 23-27. Not bad for a jank deck taking on Ahmed.

Turn 6 is the turning point. I draw… and get nothing useful and no way to hit my 6-drop. With a sigh, I play a resource (I believe a Defensive Formation) and recruit a new 4-drop Punisher (not unique to my current Punisher-Elektra). I equip a Desert Eagle, use Baxter hoping for either an Eagle or an M60. No luck. Wanting to be capable of the KO, I equip him with my Mind Gem to fill out his payload and pass. He plays a resource, uses JSA Headquarters with Power Girl, recruits 5-drop Speedy <> Arsenal into play, putting the Fate Suit on him with the Tower’s effect and Ahmed’s the Tower for a new Safe House. This, with Power Girl, means Speedy is 15/13 with at least four locations to exhaust to get him up to 17 atk which is enough to free stun my Punisher. I have a Wild Ride, an extra 4-drop Punisher, and my single 7-drop Punisher in hand. I have just enough as long as he has no power ups or ways to get power ups. Flinching as I do, I crash my 15/7 Punisher-Elektra into Arsenal. He does exactly like I figure by exhausting two locations and KOing a resource to get the stun. I power up. He exhausts two more. I Wild Ride for a power up, paying 2 endurance. Waiting for a pump, I prepare to drop my 7-cost Punisher for the last power up. He groans and lets the chain resolve. Woo! Punisher stuns him for 9 damage with break and KOs him while I take the stunback. With a smile, I send my 9/7 Punisher into Power Girl. He starts grumbling about how he’s screwed and stuns with the KO. I pass. He sends Ahmed to the face. Final score after turn 6 is something like 7-11.

He draws and asks if I’m going to recruit 7-drop Punisher. I reveal him from my hand. He scoops, drops a “gg”, and disconnects.

And that is how a random muddled Punisher legend deck beat Ahmed and The Rock of Eternity. I missed a drop. I missed some equips. I wasted some Sniper Shot activates in failed KO attempts. Yet, in the end, by some feat, Punisher was able to blow a hole in the Checkmate brigade and their JSA hires. This just goes to show… something. I’m not sure what besides the fact that even the best greased engine can fall to a janky fun deck at times.

Oh, and it means I had something to write about on here. That was good :).


One Response to “A Clash of Worlds: A Barely Legible Match Report”

  1. You show ’em, Griev. šŸ˜‰

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