Spider-Girl, Spider-Girl, Does something that no one else does…

I have a new pet card and it is Spider-Girl. Sadly, I haven’t quite figured out a good way to build a deck around her power. Honestly, I’m surprised this card hasn’t seen more play since her effect is dang good.

At first glance, she seems to simply be Only Human on a stick. That’s an incredibly powerful effect in and of itself. Put Underground Movement in your deck to send her hidden and you can kick back while negating the biggest effect an opponent has each turn. Combine it with the 5-drop Spider-Man, Secret Avenger and you can take out two of them for the cost of 3 endurance and a character card. Good stuff.

That’s not the fun part, though. There’s something very important that is missing in Spider-Girl’s wording that IS present on Only Human or Spidey and that is the word “opposing”. That’s right. Spider-Man’s daughter can Only Human your own characters!

“But Kaleesh,” You ask with a confused look, “Why in the world would I want to strip my own character’s of their powers? That’s hardly a good thing.”

Oh really? Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite Silver Age characters that are better without text boxes:

Who honestly doesn’t want a 5/1 1-drop can ready for other effects?

A 7/7 2-drop. Sadly, he has the downside of Loyalty-Reveal. Honorable mention then goes to Electro, Shock Jock with his 5/2 stats.

Yeah, I said it. I hate this buzzard but he’s the most obvious 3-drop to abuse with Spider-Girl. You his power and then, when someone goes to smack him, you hit him with Girl’s power. I’m pretty sure that works unless it’s a delayed trigger. In that case, or if you don’t want to run such a hated card, try Speedball <> Penance. 7/7 who gets rid of his downside on his own once turn 5 comes.

An automatic 10/8 who can also mess with an opponent’s row. A close second place is Bizarro with his 11/7 stats.

The 5-drop slot was close, coming between Giganta, Drax, and Freddy Freeman. Freeman was eliminated because you’d have to Spider-Girl him on turn 6 when you’re better served “aiding” someone else. From there, I’d prefer someone who I can SG only if I have to rather than almost always since you can wait to hit Giganta only if she looks like she’s gonna get stunned while Drax is almost certainly going to get shrunk.

The character that started this list. Off-initiative you can leave him be and get a free Coast City. On-initiative, he’s a 15/15. Honorable mention to the DWF Bizarro.

Finishing off the “curve” is Doomsday with his massive 19/19 stats. Loyalty shouldn’t be a problem between Giganta and Underground Movement.

So there you have it. A curve of characters that get better when you take away their powers and its all thanks to the lack of a single word on a single legacy character. Not to mention, this is Silver Age. I’m not even going to bother looking through what jank is possible in Golden…


2 Responses to “Spider-Girl, Spider-Girl, Does something that no one else does…”

  1. Excellent stuff. Keep it up, or I send the goons around.

  2. Found one more: Bart Allen The Flash, Impulsive Speedster. He’s the cost-5 Titans/Speed Force guy, can attack without exhausting. He also has other clauses that stop him from attacking once he’s stunned a defender or caused breakthrough. So, you attack with Bart, he stays ready and once the attack is legal, you Spider-Girl him so that after his first attack, he can attack a second time (exhausting for that one). And that’s just with these two characters…you’ve also got Flash readying tricks, not to mention the possibilities if you pair him up with some of the Defenders’ stuff.

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