Amanda Waller, The Herald’s Herald of Heralding Heraldry


I believe that’s all of that out of the way. The reason for the return THIS time around is incredibly simple. Once upon a time I decided I’d be going to college. I needed a laptop. I recently got said laptop. I installed MWS on it and then realized I had no decks. The options were then a fun duo: Do I zip up a folder of all the decks on my desktop and e-mail it to myself (or put it on a flash drive and run up and down stairs moving them) or do I just build new decks?

For someone such as myself, the choice was clear. It was new deckbuilding time. And it seems to me, at least, that my little hiatus has brought out that janky side of me again. For awhile I was getting *shudder* competitive. Instead, I’m now building team-up decks that run only 8 of one group of chars, Insanity, and, the deck concept featured in this post, making a simple stall deck needlessly complicated.

It all started with two simple, unrelated at the time questions that molded together: How can I abuse Amanda Waller and how can I play the 11-drop Silver Surfer? The answer after the break.

The lady with the name sign thing (What are those even called technically?) has been one of my favorite thought exercises. She originally popped up while I was taking one of my daily bike rides. How can you abuse someone who doubles your leftover resource points after her recruit? Some quick math showed that on turn four, five, and six, Amanda wasn’t all that great. On turn 5 you gain only one net resource point and on turn 6 you end up with four after her recruit. Play her on turn 7 and you’ll have the points to recruit a six-drop afterwards. This is where my thoughts started to get silly.

On turn 7, you play and boost Amanda Waller and gain yourself back up to six resource points. Flip Clash of Worlds naming Waller. Play another and boost her to gain four resource points. Play a final Waller without boost. Team-up with JSA. Use Double Play to go crazy with team attacks and wipe an opponent’s board with your clone army.

Pretty neat, huh? Until you realize what you can do on turn 8. On turn 8, each time you boost Amanda, you go right back up to 8 resource points. So, Clash Amanda, play her FOUR times, and then recruit an 8-drop for a total of… 50-ish attack points. More than enough to win the game.

But then I realized what you could do on turn 9! You don’t even need Clash to abuse Waller on 9. Play her with a boost and you’ve got a free 4-drop plus you gained a resource point and are at ten. Presuming you DO play Clash, if you play and boost four Waller’s, you end up with 24 resource points and 32 ATK points already on the field. It was at THIS point that I realized what I had to do.

Hang ten! What better way is there to get out an 11-cost character than having 24 resource points? Theoretically, with two Clash of Worlds, you could play four Amanda Wallers, two Surfer, Heralds, and still have enough resource points to play the 2-cost Surfer from MHG. How nutso is that?

But I took the simple route. One Surfer and two Waller’s. No Clash. Waller is nothing but a resource gain tool. Play her on 9, recruit a new one with uniqueness KOing the first, gain up to 12 resource, play Surfer. ROFL at opponent.

However, I now have problems. How do I get to 9 resources?

As of right now I’m running standard Heralds stall with We Had A Team-Up in there in order to get Surfer the Checkmate affiliation to use Waller. I’m then running Absorba Shield, Against All Odds, and Cosmic Necessity to try and stay alive. I’ve got the Surfer’s Board engine in there and operating. I use MEX Surfer to jump to 9 resources on turn 8. I’ve also got one Galactus for Creation of a Herald and in case I mess up my Waller combo at the end by missing Surfer or other necessary cards. After that, I have no idea what else would work. Is there any other particularly good stall tech or am I pretty much good? I’ve been able to consistently make it to turn 7 and then I seem to lose (although that was before AAO). Any ideas would be grand since I’d really like to be one of the few who can say “I consistently recruit an 11-drop character on turn 8 of a standard game via a pile of janketry and a crazy government employee.”.

Oh, and I’m fully aware I could just cut the 11-drop Surfer and Amanda and just make this another Heralds deck but, honestly, where’s the fun in that :P.


One Response to “Amanda Waller, The Herald’s Herald of Heralding Heraldry”

  1. Well, I can’t say that I know much about Heralds stall…I figure there’s some Air-Walker(s) and/or I Must Obey (and maybe Chilly Reception) in there for exhaustion, and I assume Torch-4 and/or I Hunger and/or Worldeater Apparatus are there to help you build up some endurance for a long game? Do you have other Checkmate guys in there, or is it just Amanda? If you can swing it, some Checkmate Concealed guy (which could just be Amanda) could switch places with Air-Walker-3 via Rook Control, so he could sit pretty in the hidden area and exhaust every turn (that might require more team-ups though). Another alternative is that Sarge Steel in front of Air-Walker can keep that Cosmic counter around for a while as well.
    Again, I’m not that familiar with Heralds stall (and I don’t usually do much stall in general), but what about a curve like Sarge (or a Checkmate Concealed guy like Surveillance Pawn(s))-2; Air-Walker-3; Amanda (or some other Checkmate Concealed, or Human Torch)-4, with a Rook Control to switch a Concealed guy with Air-Walker (also possible to switch a Pawn with Torch); Silver Surfer-5 (for bouncing); maybe Fallen One-6 or Huntress-6 (note you can exhaust a location like Worldeater for Huntress’ discard effect and still use the location effect); Surfer-7 for resource acceleration; and then the big combo on 8. Between the character bouncing and exhaustion from your character effects, you might be able to keep your field robust, also while using your support cards to further exhaust stuff and/or gain endurance to help you last to your win turn, where Surfer’s size and effect should just kill your opponent’s attempts to stop you. Seem okay?

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