Where You Least Expect It: Experimental LiveBlog

Once upon a time there was a young blogger who had just gotten out from dinner at Applebee’s. He and his mother went to Target to pick up some cayenne pepper. Sadly, they did not find any. While walking out, something caught the corner of his eye: A green foil wrapper with an image of Spider-Man pulling his mask down. Doing a double-take, the blogger turned around and walked back into the card section of the store. Laying in the “$1 Packs” box was a booster of Vs. System’s Web of Spider-Man set. A quick dig revealed another MSM pack as well as a single pack of Marvel Origins. A quick conversation with his mom (he hadn’t brought his wallet…) and he was able to get all three packs, the mother being awesome enough to break a $20 for $3 in cards. With a skip in his step, the blogger returned home.

I just love it when a blog topic throws itself at me. I was honestly incredibly surprised to find these three boosters at my local store. These things haven’t been in stores for over three years! When I first saw Spidey, I figured it was a Marvel Masterpieces booster seeing as how they have Savage Beatdown and the MMK Spider-Man as two of their pack styles. However, the green forced me to check again.

So, I’m using this little find as an excuse to try something new. I am going to open up each pack and blog out its contents on here. I’ll start with the Green Goblin pack, followed by Spidey, followed by Origins. Each time I open a pack, I’ll take a pic and edit it into this post. Sure, it really isn’t THAT exciting but who here has walked into a supermarket and walked out with Vs. recently? Exactly.

With that, to Goblin!

Mole Man is cool since I really dig Terra-Man and Moley is like a bad version of him. Sadly, though, I don’t have any Revenge Squad cards so I can’t even consider abusing him. Costume Change is sweet, even if I have no Spider-Friends to abuse it with. Purple Man is a fun card and actually on-team for me. Two Beetles is pretty lame although I dig the art. Hobgoblin is kinda cool, as is Daredevil (who won me games on the old DS Marvel Trading Card Game… game). Will O’ The Wisp is actually a pretty cool rare. Finally, getting Green Goblin in the Green Goblin pack made me smile. He was actually the last card so I’d given up hope on seeing him.

And now it’s time to open up Spidey…

I actually really like the contents of this package. First up is Crushing Blow. Decent generic card that I believe fills out a playset. Not sure. Definitely a useful card though. Sentinel Mark III is neat just because it’s another copy of my brother’s 2-drop for his Sentinels deck (we have no Hounds…). Ricochet has awesome flavor text. ’nuff said. Forced Allegiance, not a great card but certainly a neat one and a decent team-up. Iceman, like Daredevil, won me games in MTCG for the DS. Madripoor is neat with Danger Room. It won’t win games but it’s nice. Latverian Embassy is actually really cool when you read it. It’s generic but Doom-stamped to avoid the discard and it’s some nice control. My Doom cards like the possibility. Finally, I freaking love Sadistic Choice. It singlehandedly makes me want to build some halfbaked team-up with my fifteen-ish SinSyn cards just to use it. Either that or it’ll sit around until I buy some MTU like I’ve been planning. Overall, nice pack.

Finally, the main event. What will the Marvel Origins pack bring? Will I get something amazingly awesome like a foil Savage Beatdown or Boris? Will I be stuck with something lame like Power Compressor or Mr. Sinister? Find out in three minutes.

My reaction: “Cool.” Sure, it’s no foil Savage Beatdown but foil Annihilus is pretty sweet. Also handily included is a copy of Negative Zone. Quicksilver is just crazy good as is Cover Fire. Nasty Surprise is a great generic. Finally, Doomstadt has always been one of my favorite cards. In all, I like these pulls. I would have liked to have seen some Sentinels love in there but it isn’t bad.

In all, I’m quite pleased with the pulls. Plus it gave me something to post on here and gave me something to brag about. All I gotta say is keep your eyes open. Perhaps there are packs of Vs. with Savage Beatdowns and Signal Flares out there just waiting to be picked out of the $1 box of your local store…


One Response to “Where You Least Expect It: Experimental LiveBlog”

  1. That’s totally awesome. I can only imagine our grocery bill if VS cards started showing up at the local store.

    This amuses the snot out of me.

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