Random Thoughts: Anti-Matter Syndicate

I’m probably treading old ground with these thoughts but I really don’t mind. It gives me something to think about while procrastinating on my college work.

A recent post over on VSRealms recently sparked a thought in my head.  What would be the best way to abuse Sinister Syndicate’s Jackal? Further more, what would be the best way to further abuse him with Fisk Towers? The first thing I thought was what team has a particularly powerful 3-drop as well as a powerful 1-drop and that was when I remembered these guys…

So, basically the idea of this deck is simple, play standard SinSyn/Anti-Green Lantern swarm on the beginning turns while hoping to get odd initiatives. On turn 4, you drop Jackal. Now, hopefully you’ve got yourself some defensive pumps (Cover Fire + Acro Dodge FTW?). Have Jackal survive into recovery and then activate him to drop in a free Xallarap. Turn 5 you play MTU Carnage with Boost, get a free Anti-Green Lantern, recruit an AGL, KO a resource for a Spider-Hunt. Presuming you enter turn 5 with Jackal and a single AGL, you end up with three 8/4s, two 13/9s, and a 10/6 for a total of 60 points of attack. Methinks that’s enough to win games. If not, throw in some Alien Symbiotes and Sinestro Rings for more pumpy goodness.

I haven’t gotten around to actually building this deck since I literally came up with it twenty minutes ago while coming up with something to do that wasn’t school related. However, it seems to have some amount of potential. I may never actually build this but it was certainly a fun thought exercise.

And now I need to hit the books…


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