What I’m Playing Now: Modern Age

This post is mostly just to prove I’m still alive and to keep a new post up here at least three times a week. College work is slowly starting to get more and more time-consuming so I have a feeling I’m mostly going to be posting my two Resolution articles plus one quickie like this each week. Hopefully no one minds.

Right now I have a couple of decks I’ve been toying with on MWS. I figured that that is worth dedicating a blog article to so that be what I’m doing. Yay me :).

For this article we’ll be doing Modern Age, the most strict of the standard formats. I recently built three new decks for my online use which have really brought me some enjoyment. First is a team-up with a strategy so contradictory to comic lore it isn’t even amusing:

Yeah, I stole this image off some poor person’s Flickr but it was what got the point across best. Anyways, it’s a Double Agent deck based around abusing 4-drop Captain America with 5-drop Red Skull to redirect attacks to whoever can give out the most burn. It runs Hand Ninjas on 1 and a full set of Code White so even when one of the two leaders gets stunned, they can pop right back. Turn 6 is incredibly fun since you can do all sorts of nastiness with the various drops. You can run Thing, Conscientious Objector if you still have your 3-drop. You flip Coast City naming Captain America who should be protected by the 3-drop and put Thing in front of Red Skull. Your opponent then HAS to hit Thing because the 3-drop is just going to be redirected over there anyways. Option two is Baron Strucker for what should be an obvious reason in getting two burns on the opponent if he defends with reinforcement from Red Skull (cool idea I just got: Strucker with his claw in front of Skull, 12 burn plus if you use it while defending with reinforcement you recover immediately but still get the “start of recovery” trigger off the claw. Combo that with Coast City to force an opponent into Strucker… Dayum. That’s a deck in itself…). Finally, Ares swinging into the opposing 6-drop for a mutual stun nets at least 18 endurance. In all, the deck is nasty and will only get better with further tweaking.

Next is the redhead who just. won’t. die.

The deck is incredibly simple but it’s still fun as heck to play. The new 1-drop Professor X is great in the deck just because you can make sure you get Jean’s on top of the deck to cycle with Cerebro and fill your KO. I average at least a 15/15 5-drop Jean via the characters in the KO’d pile plus a New and Improved. Not as impressive as the old SA deck when MXM was around but not anything to sniff at.

Finally, there’s the dumbest one I’ve made recently…

I built this deck because Marvel Knights and Gotham Knights both have “Knights” in their names plus they have extensive hidden character support. Really, it’s all about KOing guys on-init and negating opposing pumps and search off-init. It’s not a great deck but it’s silly fun.

Then there’s the deck I don’t want to talk about much since I’m planning on writing an article on it here soon. Let me just give you two insider secrets as to what it is: Team-Up. There ya go. You figure it out.

As for oldies but goodies, I’ve been greatly enjoying my Secret Society deck. It’s mostly just all the Society mill cards capping off with Mr. Freeze to stall into an unstunnable Blockbuster or Doomsday with which to smash into their exhausted board. The deck might get some tweaks like adding in a copy of Deathstroke and pulling some of the Monkey See, Monkey Do’s for more pumps but it runs well enough to take down TheDerangedBear’s Spider-Illuminati deck so it obviously isn’t bad. Keep an eye out for it to show up in the Resolution in the near future.

Finally, a quick overview of the other decks I tend to run: Insanity, Fantastic Clones (Only contains the core F4 characters with multiples of each char at various drops and A Clash Of Worlds to fix the curve if you hit uniqueness), Crime Lords Resolution (Red Skull abuse), and Outsiders Team Attack Mono (surprisingly decent).

Stay tuned next week where I’ll either post a decklist for my pet team-up or I’ll drop another “What I’m Playing Now” about Silver Age jank. If you have any comments on decks you have that are similar decks or ones you’d recommend toying with, be sure to let me know since I’m always receptive to fun decks, even if they’re bad. That’s just the way I am.


3 Responses to “What I’m Playing Now: Modern Age”

  1. Radically Advanced. Use it. 🙂

  2. kaleeshwarrior Says:

    I less than three Radically Advanced ever since I played three of them on the same turn while defending with Baron Strucker. Opponent takes 12 damage, I gain 12 and my 6-drop recovers. Good times, good times.

  3. […] like a gasoline covered, flaming rubber ball In a recent blog post, I talked about what decks I’ve been playing in Modern. For the record, I am aware that I […]

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