The Great Vs. Resolution Reborn #24: Warbound

You may remember months back I built a certain deck based around Hulk for this Resolution. This Marvel Defenders deck immediately took the #1 spot of my favorite Resolution affiliations and has remained there since my fifth TGVsR post. I liked that deck because of the flavor. It was all about Hulk standing alone and smashing characters while his team gave him help from the sidelines.

Fast forward to after the release of Marvel Universe. Lo and behold, there’s another team based around Hulk being on his own with his friends helping from the back. However, the Warbound are different from the Defenders in more ways than one. First, the non-Hulk characters’ effects hit off being stunned and straight up leaving the game rather than just being exhausted. Secondly, there’s more than two Hulks to use. Finally, there’s a second deck style than the straight angry “Hulk Smash!” deck. That second deck type is what some like to call Hulk Control but I like to call King Hulk, the Hulk who’s intelligent and capable of coming up with rational plans that can take down even the toughest opponents no matter what they throw at him.

King Hulk


Modern Age


4x Elloe Kaifi, Slave Of The Empire

4x Miek, The Unhived
2x Rick Jones, Monster’s Best Friend

4x Hiroim, The Shamed
3x Archangel, Champion

4x Hulk, Green Scar

3x Hulk, Gladiator

2x Hulk, The Green King
1x Caiera, The Oldstrong

1x Hercules, Secret Avenger
1x Hulk, Sakaar’son

1x Hulk, Worldbreaker

Plot Twists:

4x Mobilize
4x Warbound To The End
4x Righteous Anger
4x Bloodsport
4x Hulk Red
4x Hulk Smash!
1x The Strongest One There Is

3x The Great Arena
2x Imperial Dreadnought

When I play with this deck, I generally take the odd initiatives but it runs perfectly well on evens. Mulligan condition is any of the 1-3-drop Planet Hulk characters and some search. Great Arena is also useful as well.

1-drop is Elloe. I went with her over Mastermind because, quite frankly, this deck doesn’t NEED that much card draw. All it takes is one or two of its control tricks plus its curve and it’s perfectly capable of taking down an opposing deck. If Elloe gets stunned and you have another Elloe in hand and no Miek/Rick, I’d recommend removing her this turn. If not, keep her around.

Turn 2 is either another Elloe to give out a global +2/+2 to your Hulks or Miek. Rick isn’t bad but he’s normally just gets two draws in before he disappears off the board to let Hulk do his stuff.

Hiroim is great on 3. Invulnerability for Hulk combined with his oversized stats and control capabilities mean you’re losing hardly any damage. It also combos well with Imperial Dreadnought and Righteous Anger by getting rid of the latter’s cost and turning the former into straight-up life gain. Archangel is a drop if you absolutely must I don’t recommend it. He’s mostly in there as a searchable Flying Kick.

Hulk makes his presence known on turn 4. He could very well be a Blind Siding, Invulnerable, Flame Trapping 9/8 or he could just be an 8/7 Flame Trap. I hear both are good. If you’re off-initiative, all it takes is a Great Arena to make it to the next turn where you go big.

Gladiator Hulk is incredible. However, he brings decisions. Do you Great Arena with the 4-drop on an opposing 4-drop for burn and then stun it with Gladiator’s boost? Do you stun with Gladiator’s boost and then exhaust the opposing 5-drop with the Arena to stall into the next turn? Do you Great Arena the opposing 3-drop, freebie stun a 4, and then get ready to swing with Gladiator? It all depends on initiative and the opponent’s board but having options is good. Plus he’s a big character which is great.

The Green King could very well be the last Hulk you play. If you’ve got your preferred odd initiatives, you can drop Greenie, make him an 18/18 minimum, and then exhaust the opposing 6-drop with the Arena. You’ve then got a huge wall that an opponent will likely not be able to get over.

Turn 7 is the first drop that really has options and this will likely be your last turn. You’ve got an underdropped Caiera who can then open up the King to swing three times if you’ve got a Righteous Anger. You’ve got Hercules who, again, can make for triple swings but if you have a feeling you’re going to go to 8, probably isn’t a great idea. Finally, there’s the Sakaarson who KOs resources and is probably the best choice if you’re going to turn 8 with the Worldbreaker.

Plot Twists and Locations are almost completely control. Righteous Anger is both a Pathetic Attempt and a readying effect which is great from what I’ve heard. Bloodsport is both a Reset and a way to destroy an attempted team attack. Hulk Red can kill an attack with ease. A single Strongest One There Is can straight up end an attack and KO the attacker if they finally get over all your control. Great Arena is reusable exhaustion and burn while Dreadnought gives flight plus free stuns and life gain. Finally, there’s Hulk Smash! for when you’re going for your winning swing and then eight copies of search.

This deck is incredible. It’s a whole different side of Hulk where it’s all about being stronger by knocking aside attacks rather than being stronger by smashing their faces in. Personally, I loved Planet Hulk. I loved seeing Hulk as this intelligent, angry being who could both smash and strategize. It is because of this that I prefer this Warbound build over the “Smash” build that goes for a turn 4-ish win via pumps. I also like control but the flavor of this deck is just great. Oh, plus it wins games. I hear that’s a good thing for a deck to do.

Warbound (Modern) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 9 (One thing of note that these are relative ratings based off of my decks and not necessarily how good a deck actually is in a competitive meta. In this case, King Hulk Control is one of my absolute best decks. It doesn’t win every time but with a halfway decent draw it always brings out close games.)

Deck Theme: 10 (Hulk has friends that give him effects from the sidelines while he does the main work. He controls the situation in a way where the opponent’s characters cannot get through him. He then follows this up by smashing their faces in. I think that sounds exactly like the “Planet Hulk” Hulk and that makes me happy in indescribable ways.)

Ease of Use: 7 (This deck is pretty easy to use since it’s just “let Hulk stand alone, boost his effects, use his control cards”. There are some decisions involved but they’re pretty simple.)

Fun Factor: 10 (I love Hulk. I love Loner. I love Control. I also love Smashing. This deck does all of this.)

Overall: 9 (By far one of my favorite decks. It just has and does everything I could possibly want. It’s Legend, it’s a cool character, it’s flavorful, it’s got fun effects, and it’s just straight-up cool.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Warbound (Modern)
2. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
3. Team Superman (Modern Age)
4. Fantastic Four (Modern)
5. Anti-Matter (Golden)
6. Morlocks (Silver)
7. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

8. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
9. Secret Six (Silver)

10. Revenge Squad (Modern)

11. Teen Titans (Modern)
12. Outsiders (Modern)
13. Hellfire Club (Silver)

14. Inhumans (Silver)
15. Shi’ar (Modern: MWS Gem)
16. Kree (Silver)
17. Future Foes (Silver)

18. Manhunters (Golden)
19. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)

20. League of Assassins (Modern)

21. Doom (Modern)
22. Skrull (Silver)

23. New Gods (Golden)
24. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

It’s starting to look like I’m being payed off by Bruce Banner, ain’t it? What can I say other than that Hulk is one of my characters and his two main decks encompass my favorite strategies (one character: Control and Smash variants). Technically both Warbound Hulk’s and Marvel Defenders Hulk’s decks scored 9s on the overall rating but I prefer Warbound since I know the characters better and I prefer Control by just a bit.

Later this week, probably on Saturday, will be the second Resolution post for this week. I think it’ll be on Secret Society or Negative Zone but I’ve been mentioning those decks forever. It’ll probably end up being something else knowing me. I’m just random like that.


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