The Great Vs. Resolution #26: Sentinels

Wow. It’s been criminally long since my last post. But I’m here now and should be here tomorrow and Saturday (Friday is school day).

Last week I promised a “blast from the past” and the tease of whether or not they’re as good as they used to be. No one bit on guessing who it was but the title of this article should give it away.

Yes, the Sentinels. Those big purple robots who enjoy nothing more than stomping on all those confounded, evil, criminal mutants who are running around. If those mutants could just be normal, none of this would have had to happen. The Sentinels never would have been invented and the purple robots wouldn’t have run rampant over the Vs. tournament scene way back when.

But how good are the Sentinels now? How much has been lost in the years due to the gains of others? Let’s take a look in what could be one of the quickest Vs. Resolution articles yet.

Two-Eyed, No Horned, Flying Purple Mutant Killers


Golden Age

4x Boliver Trask – Creator Of The Sentinel Program

6x Hounds of Ahab-Army

7x Sentinel Mark II-Army

6x Sentinel Mark V – Army

4x Nimrod – Mutant Hunter

3x Bastion – Leader Of Operation Zero Tolerance

2x Cassandra Nova – Genocidal Tendencies

Plot Twists:

4x Call in a Favor
4x Mobilize
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Reconstruction Program
4x Prime Sentinels
4x Combat Protocols
1x Search and Destroy


3x South American Sentinel Base

I went with the Curve build of Sentinels over Wild Vomit because Vomit all but relies upon MulletMan and he’s not exactly a purple robot, if ya catch my drift.

Everyone knows Curve Sentinels by now but if you don’t… Even initiatives, mulligan for Hounds or Bolivar.

Bolivar is a 1-drop that also gives you your 2-5 drops. Hounds are insanely good if your opponent misses their 1-drop and you hit yours. It’s just incredibly easy to lock an opponent down to one character with the hidden buggers. Sentinel Mark II is a decent 3-drop who’s a bit undersized but has a useful effect since he can negate some nasty activated effects (Would be a good counter to the new X-Factor, don’t ya think?). Sentinel Mark V is crazy good by handing out global reinforcement plus being a pseudo 5-drop. Nimrod has a built-in Extremis Upgrade which I hear is good ;). Bastion turns every army character in your hand into a power-up and makes an opponent cry emo tears. Finally, Cassandra Nova is there if it goes to turn seven. No, she isn’t great but she’s not bad either.

One thing I learned is that Army on a strong curve of characters is great. Even if you have to underdrop, you aren’t going to hit a uniqueness problem with 2-5 and, therefore, you’re more likely to hit a useful character.

Plots are simple: Search and Savage are your only generics because they’re flat out good cards. Prime Sentinels can be intense burn and help lock down an opponent’s resource row. Combat Protocols is a very good global pump and can make swinging up curve very easy. Search and Destroy is a 1-of but being able to stun the Hounds in order to take down a 3-drop off-init is useful. Finally, Reconstruction Program and South American Sentinel Base are just stupid good with Bastion for obvious reasons.

So how does this oldie fare nowadays? Not that great. It’s still a good deck but it’s not dominating. I believe this is because of the lack of SavageNastyOverload which made the deck work way back when. Even without SNO, Bastion bricks everything in his path and the characters are still quite good. The deck just hasn’t aged well overall.

Oh, and it’s bland and I hate bland.

Sentinels (Golden) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 7 (Meh. It’s got good tricks and it’s annoying if it can get to Bastion but it’s not exactly good.)

Deck Theme: 4 (Swarming with robots makes sense but this is Curve so you never really have a swarm. Wild Vomit is much more Sentinel-esque. Also, the theme is boring. “I sit around and wait until turn 6 when I pitch Army guys for pumps”. Yeah…)

Ease of Use: 10 (This deck is stupid easy to run. You just play drops and play pumps. All there is to it.)

Fun Factor: 3 (BORING! The League of Assassins is more fun to play.)

Overall: 6 (Blech. The deck is bland, it doesn’t do much, and it isn’t thematic. The only reason it rated this high was it’s an easy deck to run. Without that, it’d easily be even further on the bottom.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Warbound (Modern)
2. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
3. Team Superman (Modern Age)
4. Fantastic Four (Modern)
5. Anti-Matter (Golden)
6. Morlocks (Silver)
7. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

8. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
9. Secret Six (Silver)

10. Revenge Squad (Modern)

11. Secret Society (Modern)
11. Teen Titans (Modern)
12. Outsiders (Modern)
13. Hellfire Club (Silver)

14. Inhumans (Silver)
15. Shi’ar (Modern: MWS Gem)
16. Kree (Silver)
17. Future Foes (Silver)

18. Manhunters (Golden)
19. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)

20. League of Assassins (Modern)

21. Sentinels (Golden)
22. Doom (Modern)
23. Skrull (Silver)

24. New Gods (Golden)
25. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

There you have it. Curve Sentinels = Bland, Boring, and Outdated. Still, it was cool to pull something old out from the dustbin of history.

I can’t promise if the next Resolution will be posted tomorrow or Saturday but it will be posted this week so I can stay on target to finish this off by the end of the year. Also, expect a sudden influx of Infinite Crisis decks as I try to get in all four of those primary affiliations into the Resolution before the set goes Golden. I’ve got a Shadowpact build as well as a rulebreaking Villains United build I’ll likely use just because I like it so much. Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “The Great Vs. Resolution #26: Sentinels”

  1. I usually prefer to have 1-2 copies each of Underground Sentinel Base and Master Mold for turn 7+, getting out some extra cost-4’s for a “big character swarm” is pretty nice, plus it ‘feels’ thematic for them. But even so, they’re pretty bland…the characters and plot twists don’t really do anything fancy, and you see the same stuff from the deck EVERY game, so it gets boring pretty quickly.

    Looking forward to the Crisis decks! Keep up the good work!

  2. […] Planet Kalee Featuring the Great Vs. Resolution, 57 mono-affiliate decks in 52 weeks « The Great Vs. Resolution #26: Sentinels […]

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