The Great Vs. Resolution #29: Injustice Gang

I love the odd team themes, the ones that go completely against what you would normally want to do in a game. Both incarnations of the Squadron Supreme fit the bill with one wanting an empty hand and the second wanting to deal no breakthrough. The loner themes of Hellboy, Warbound, Hellfire Club, X-Statix, and others are amongst my favorite decks of all time.

However, there may be no stranger team theme than Injustice Gang handflood. What sort of lunatic would you have to be to just hand your opponent tons of options? Normally, it’d be suicide. With the Injustice Gang, though, you can turn that flood of cards into a source of strength.

My real love affair with IG was with the JLA version of the team. Sadly, I can’t use that version due to the requirements of the Resolution stating I need to stay in the most “modern” format which, for the Gang, is Modern. Will the new IG stand up to the old one? Doesn’t this sound a lot like my last post?

Careful What You Wish For…

4x The Penguin, Gentleman of Crime

4x Captain Boomerang, George Harkness
2x Johnny Quick, Earth 3

4x Lex Luthor, Megalomaniac
1x Power Ring, Earth 3

3x Felix Faust, Soulless Mystic
1x The Joker, Headline Stealer

3x Circe, Evil Enchantress

1x The Joker, Killer Smile
1x Abra Kadabra, Magical Rogue

1x Lex Luthor – Sinister Scientist

1x Vandal Savage, Cro-Magnon Man

Plot Twists:
4x Criminal Mastermind
4x Power Siphon
4x All Too Easy
4x Secret Files
4x Mobilize
3x Injustice for All
3x Blind Sided
3x Break You


3x Injustice Gang Satellite


2x Laughing Gas

If you ask me, the DC Legends Injustice Gang were struck by two problems. One is the tying of their effects to activated abilities. This lowers Power Siphon’s ability to brickwall with your all-important draw forcing Lex Luthor and whoever your 5-drop burner of Circe. The second problem is that they, to a small extent, suffer from the Marvel Universe issue of “Let’s give a team a bunch of random options that don’t go together incredibly well”. Injustice For All, Sunburst, Research and Development, the Crime Syndicate plot twist and Earth-3 location, none of them fit the handburn theme (well, Sunburst sorta does but the resource row is busy enough with Criminal Masterminds).

This deck wants even initiatives (although there is one upside to getting odds) and your mulligan is Lex Luthor or a 1-2 drop with a Criminal Mastermind.

Turn uno is Penguin. Nothing better than getting your draws off early. Turn 2 is either Johnny Quick or Captain Boomerang. I like Boomerang a bit more since he completely pops off an opponent’s 2-drop. Quick is a good hidden attacker, especially with All Too Easy off-init since he can attack without stunning.

Turn 3 should always, always, always be Lex Luthor. He is the upside if you’re stuck with odd-initiatives because it means you can force a draw to block out most search cards. Power Ring is mostly here in case you have to underdrop later.

Felix Faust is usually going to be your 4-drop. He helps out by blocking power-ups as well as any other effects the opponent has that lets them discard cards to lighten up their hand. The Joker is in there as a possibility to get Laughing Gas off earlier plus he helps block plot twists once Lexxie dies.

If you don’t know why Circe is in the deck and what she does, then why are you reading this article? Exhaust -> Burn.

Turn 6 is going to usually be your kill turn. On-initiative you can drop The Joker onto the field, hopefully with a Laughing Gas. With this killer combination, all it takes is one point of breakthrough to usually stun a 6-drop and do a hefty 7+ burn. From there, the door is clear for either Circe to swing or for an exhaust for more burn, depending on what does more damage. Off-initiative, or if you played the 4-drop Joker and want to keep him around, you can play Abra Kadabra who will usually net you a solid 8 or so burn with his reveal effect.

Lex Luthor reappears on turn 7. Again, he helps with odd initiatives. Imagine Circe burning followed by a Joker swing with Laughing Gas and breakthrough to stun and burn followed by Luthor swinging and getting stunbacked for yet more handburn. Nasty.

Vandal Savage is there on 8 JUST in case you go to 8. With all the burn, you can usually drop an opponent below 1 on this turn. If you do and you go under as well, all you got to do is keep Savage alive and then remove him to win the game.

Plot Twists and Locations are the normal handburn suite. All Too Easy is still an incredible pump that can easily be along the lines of +8/-8. Power Siphon is also good but not AS good due to Lex and Circe’s exhaust requirements. Criminal Mastermind is insane draw. Satellite is a constant KO effect. You’ll almost always have the cards to pitch to Break You so it’s usually a +6 pump. Laughing Gas is fun. Injustice For All is in there because I think the card is neat. Sure, it’s not great but I felt like throwing it in there.

To be honest, I feel the same way with Modern Injustice Gang as I felt about Modern Crime Lords; they’re both shadows of their former selves. The simple change on Lex Luthor and the 5-drop burner to activated effect completely nerfs the deck. That’s all it takes. Sure, the drop of Luthor from two cards to one card and taking off the “one plot per turn” restriction hurts as well but even if the new 3-drop Luthor’s effect was the same but with the old 3-drop’s automatic trigger, the deck would have worked out so much better.

Injustice Gang (Modern) Ratings:

Deck Strength: 7 (Not a bad deck by any means but not the huge annoyance of the original Injustice Gang.)

Deck Theme: 9 (Love the theme. It originally didn’t make much sense to me until I read Wikipedia’s Vs. System page and it made a bit of sense. It’s the villain telling the hero their genius plan, giving them all the pieces to beat them, and yet turning everything around against them. Beautiful.)

Ease of Use: 7 (Eh, exhaust some stuff to gain some stuff. It’s a bit passive for most players but it’s not a particularly hard deck to use.)

Fun Factor: 7 (I greatly enjoy watching an opponent squirm at the fact that they have a full hand yet it means horrible things for them.)

Overall: 7.5 (Injustice Gang isn’t a bad deck but it’s a ghost of its past self. Where the original Injustice Gang was both an annoyance and deadly, this new version is mostly just an annoyance.)

Vs. System Affiliation Leaderboard
1. Warbound (Modern)
2. Marvel Defenders/The Hulk (Modern)
3. Team Superman (Modern Age)
4. Fantastic Four (Modern)
5. Anti-Matter (Golden)
6. Morlocks (Silver)
7. Squadron Supreme (Golden)

8. Arkham Inmates (Modern)
9. Secret Six (Silver)

10. Revenge Squad (Modern)

11. Secret Society (Modern)
11. Teen Titans (Modern)
12. Outsiders (Modern)
13. Injustice Gang (Modern)
14. X-Statix (Golden)
15. Hellfire Club (Silver)

16. Inhumans (Silver)
17. Shi’ar (Modern: MWS Gem)
18. Kree (Silver)
19. Future Foes (Silver)

20. Crime Lords (Modern)

21. Manhunters (Golden)
22. Sinister Syndicate (Modern)

23. League of Assassins (Modern)

24. Sentinels (Golden)
25. Doom (Modern)
26. Skrull (Silver)

27. New Gods (Golden)
28. Emerald Enemies (Golden)

It’s sad to see another “oldie but goodie” turn out to be less neat in its refeature but that’s just the way the Resolution goes, I guess. I really wish I could have gotten away with putting Injustice Gang under X-Statix since, to be honest, I prefer the Statix over the Gang but that would have been putting things out of order rating wise which would have been bad.

So, later this week I should have up… something. Gotta keep the site active, that’s for sure. Expect a post by Saturday and then keep your fingers crossed that I can stay on target with this thing once Guitar Hero: World Tour is released to suck up what little time my college work doesn’t eat up. It’d be a shame to let this thing go after getting over halfway done so I should be able to keep to it but don’t be afraid to smack be upside the back of the head like some fellow bloggers have done in the past ;).


One Response to “The Great Vs. Resolution #29: Injustice Gang”

  1. Out of curiosity, where would the hidden Injustice Gang deck fall in the leaderboard? Is it stronger than the handfill version of the team? It does lose Hunte Castle to the resolution rules, but I think it would still be strong… Maybe right behind modern Revenge Squad.

    Good read!

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