MEV Preview: Cajun Charm

I love Gambit. When I first saw the old X-Men cartoon on FOX Kids in the morning and saw some guy with a staff tossing explosive cards, I instantly knew I’d found an awesome dude. Throw in the accent and personality and you got a cool dude.

What’s that? You’re here for the preview and the preview alone? Right… right… Let me indulge just a bit more.

Easy question: What do you know about Gambit in Vs.? Correct answer: He likes stunning people. From the old 2, 4, and 5-drop Gambits which could pitch a card to stun a 3-drop to the NEW 2-drop who can stun anyone if the opponent has the same amount of character inplay and stunned as that guy’s cost to the Traitor reviewed yesterday on Darkseid Revenge that can stun any cost of character on any initiative provided you can pitch their cost randomly. Seriously, Gambit REALLY likes stunning guys.

Preview? Just a second more.

Gambit in Vs. thus far has been all about his aggressive explosiveness but that’s not all there is to this guy. Ol’ Remy is a smooth talking Cajun who could talk his way out of any problem that comes his way. So how do you combine Gambit’s ability to stun people with his charming demeanor? Why, with that preview you came here for.

That’s right! The amazing VS. design team has figured out a way to make the best defense a great offense in the most literal sense of the word. If you want more thoughts, hit the jump. Yeah, all seven of you who actually come for the article. The rest of you can go now.

Cajun Charm is pretty darned self-explanatory. It’s simply one of the strongest defensive plot twists ever created in my opinion and it’s single cost is controlling Gambit and stunning a guy. That’s it. How often do you do that in a game? It should be pretty often.

But how about some specific uses. Let’s start with the easy. Gambit.

It’s turn 3. It’s your initiative. By some fluke, you’ve only hit the 2-drop X-Men Gambit. What do you do? You chuck a card at their 3-drop for a free stun. They come at you with a 2-drop. Cajun Charm. PING! Two stuns for one.

Let’s scoot forwards a bit. It’s turn 5 and still your initiative. You just played Gambit, Ragin’ Cajun from MXM. What do you do? Simple. You chuck a card at their 3-drop for a free stun. Then you swing down into their 4-drop and pass. They come at you with their 5-drop. Cajun Charm. PING! Gambit just took down three guys and is still up and running. Or you could freebie stun their 3-drop, go into their 5-drop, and immediately play Cajun Charm. Unstunnable Gambit even when you pass over to defense. Methinks that’s good.

Finally, the most recent possibility. It’s turn 6. You played the new Gambit, Traitor. Your opponent has a 5-drop and 6-drop along with the initiative. They go into Gambit with their 6-drop. You take a risk and chuck a card… tossing an extra 5-drop! Their 5-drop goes down. Cajun Charm. PING! Gambit takes down their 6-drop and stays standing. They pass initiative and you go to their face with Gambit and your other remaining characters.

And THAT is only targeting Gambit with Cajun Charm. Think about the other possibilities!

Annihilus freebie stuns a hidden guy on-initiative. They come into Annihilus. You Cajun Charm and the attack is a bust. You play Punisher, Captain America and target a hidden Black Panther. Panther rams himself into some random guy and gets the mutual stun due to Punisher’s effect. You play Cajun Charm on Punisher. Automatic wall at the cost of a 1-drop and a plot.

No, no… why bother with all this complicated stuff?

Your 5-drop attacks their 4-drop. Attack goes through as normal and 5-drop is unscathed. You pass initiative. Their 5-drop attacks your 5-drop. Cajun Charm. That’s all she wrote. Heck, your 5-drop into their 5-drop with a From The Shadows to prevent a stunback. There’s a wall against even a team attack back.

On defense, you could play something like X-Force/Marauders (or X-Men) and use a combination of Born To Run and Nasty Surprise to brickwall and stunback in order to make a defensive wall off-initiative.

How about something borked? I can do that in two words: Readying Effects. 6-drop DCL Flash into a low-drop. Simple stun. Ready with power. Cajun Charm. Flash into 6-drop. Stun. Terminal Velocity. Ready flash. Flash into 5-drop. Stun. Board is cleared and you lost NOTHING. Think about Quickfate with Gambit and Cajun Charm. Yeah. Probably not a big deal but just THINK about it.

How about something janky? Marauders/Anti-Matter/Crime Lords. It’s turn 4. You play Chomin and move him visible via whatever effect. Use Chomin to stun one of your own low drops. Flip New King In Town. Play Cajun Charm on Chomin. You take zippo damage this turn and then swing back with a hidden field of Anti-Green Lanterns or something similar. You could do the same thing with the Hellfire Club Magneto and then you wouldn’t need three teams but the combo would go off even later.

In all, Cajun Charm is simply nuts. If it was a person, it’d be in the looney bin. All you gotta do is figure out a way to stun a guy with your guy and you can brick every attack at your guy for the entire turn. The card speaks for itself so, really, I wasted a ton of breath speaking for it. Still, I had to write an article, eh?

So just remember, next time someone tells you that freebie stunning a lowbie on-initiative with a character isn’t a particularly good effect or anything that requires you to stun one of your own characters, think of Cajun Charm. Think of how even freebie stunning a simple 1-drop gives you access to the ultimate brickwalling ability. Think of how much fun it could be to just smirk at your opponent about how you got a stun on one of their guys and they can do nothing back.

Just think about it. Isn’t the image just… Charming?


5 Responses to “MEV Preview: Cajun Charm”

  1. Nice review! Awesome card

  2. You make me proud, son

  3. great article! cheers!

  4. well done ! a good read !

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