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MEV Previews: John Proudstar, War & The Red Rider

Posted in Vs. System on November 14, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

War. What is it good for?

Well, for Apocalypse, it means a savage Horseman who will pound anyone who stands in Apocalypse’s way into the ground. Several characters have played the role of War. On the lesser known side, you have Abraham Kieros, a mutant capable of creating explosions, and Gazer, one who photosynthesized radiation into energy blasts. On the better known side, you have Deathbird, Hulk and, in an alternate reality, Cable.

However, the War that I will be previewing is the War from Earth-1100. This War is John Proudstar or Thunderbird. In his reality, he fought alongside his brother as part of the X-Men. However, one day his brother died and John left the team. He was picked up by Apocalypse who turned him into War but Proudstar was able to escape and was picked up by the Timebroker to join the Exiles. There he defeated The Hulk in one reality in order to save that planet’s Canada and was able to wound Galactus by planting a bomb in his armor while in a reality where Skrulls ruled Earth. However, he was injured by the bomb’s explosion and the Exiles were forced to put him into stasis until they could find a way to help him.

Now, what do we know about Thunderbird in Vs. System? He tends to have big stats that is counteracted by a drawback. This version of Proudstar is no different.


(PSST! Those who are just here to see the card will still want to look ahead so they can see The Red Rider. Just figured I’d let you know)

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