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Doctor Who: Puny Humans

Posted in Doctor Who, Vs. System on May 2, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

You should’ve heard how excited I was when I found out a week and a half back that the Marvel Ultimates set has a bunch of “removed from game” card tricks. That was awesome.

So far I have previewed The Doctor and a variety of his companions. This week, I bring to you the last few human characters that don’t have anything particularly special about them. While these characters aren’t exactly your average joe, they don’t constantly travel with The Doctor nor do they have anything that makes them unique besides being human. Except for this first guy. He has a big gun.

I just had to use “idiot” as his version. I was considering “Defender of Earth” but Mickey Smith, Idiot is much more flavorful. Also, errata on this card. He should have range. I could fix it but I’m being lazy right now.

Mickey is likely going to be a TARDIS Crew deck’s primary 3-drop. If you’re running Jackie on 1 and Rose on 2, he’s almost always going to be a 6/5 with range on 3. That alone is good. Then he has a recovery power in the vein of Domino but with evens (chosen because all of Rose’s cards are even cost), the card being removed instead of placed back on top (fits the TARDIS theme), and he can’t ready (balancing concern plus it ties in with Bad Wolf Rose).

But what if you want to run someone else on 2 over Rose, you ask? What if you remove your crucial 4-drop Tenth Doctor, you ask? Call in the reserves!

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Doctor Who: The Remaining Companions (and dog)

Posted in Doctor Who, Vs. System on April 21, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

It’s that time again when all my British readers and a couple American ones get their Time/Space on as I post another batch of Doctor Who cards.

This week I’m dropping the remaining characters that fit the Doctor’s Companion version theme, a little dog that I just had to preview with his master, and the first card of the set to specifically reference the Companions. Now, Alonsy!

Sarah Jane Smith is currently the only companion from the older Doctor Who serials to make it onto the new series. She primarily interacts with the Tenth Doctor in this series so I made her fit into his theme of removing the cards rather than KOing the removed ones like the Ninth Doctor. She has decent stats and her effect helps fix your draws while you never have to worry about that card later becoming useful since you can just use the Tenth Doctor to return it to your hand. She also has a boost effect that gives her a +1/+1 counter but who’s primary purpose is to let you play the following card.

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Doctor Who: Rose Tyler

Posted in Doctor Who, Vs. System on April 14, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Bah! I know I promised a Vs. Resolution post today but I tweaked the deck for this week so that’ll be delayed by a day or three. Instead, I’ll be posting this Doctor Who expansion post that should’ve been up last week but due to WordPress’s dashboard change, I saved it as a draft instead of posting it. Still just as good, though.

For the record, I haven’t worked on many cards for this lately. Seems like I might be running out of steam. However, I do have the TARDIS Crew 95% done so at the very least I can post all of those.

Rose Tyler is the Doctor’s first companion in the new series. She’s featured in both Seasons One and Two before leaving the show. She also leaves behind a big old wound on the Doctor’s heart.

See, The Doctor is always traveling around with a female companion of some sorts in order to keep himself from getting lonely. At least, that’s the in-universe reason. The real reason would be because the show needs more than a single constant character and you might as well make that character female.

Anyways, Rose Tyler has two incarnations in this set along with a support card or two. First, we’ll get the party started with an early version of Rose.

Sadly, it seem WordPress has eaten my text. Still mostly readable, though, so I won’t babble it in here. First, you’ll notice Rose is a support character. This is the nature of most non-Doctor characters in the set. They mostly exist to just help out our favorite Time Lord. Rose has two powers, one is a free card draw in exchange for KOing a removed card. This is in the same vein as the Ninth Doctor’s abilities so it fits thematically since this is from when Rose first met the Eccleston version of The Doctor. Her other power is tied into her flavor text. If you have The Doctor inplay, you can make Rose run away in exchange for a Puppet Master style exhaust.

Now, how do you make sure you hit Rose on turn 2? Easy. You bring her mum.

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Doctor Who: An Introduction and The First Previews

Posted in Doctor Who, Vs. System on April 3, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Check out that new banner on the top of the site. When I decided that I’m going to be rocking something new, I figured I’d go all-out. Expect some other minor design changes to the site as well while I try and get it all to fit with the Who.

So, I guess I should probably start this article with an introduction to The Doctor for those who aren’t aware of him. Doctor Who is a British show that’s a huge phenomenon on that side of the pond. The original series started in the late 1960’s and ran through into the late 80’s before it finally ended. It brought with it a massive amount of alternate media with it like books and audio plays. After the 80’s, however, the series disappeared, for the most part, until a movie was released in 1996. Doctor Who then, again, faded away until it blazed back on to television screens in 2005 and has since returned to its place as cheesy Sci-Fi series extraordinaire.

Doctor Who is all about a Time Lord (an alien species that are highly advanced but mostly look human besides having two hearts) known only as The Doctor.  He travels around in his trademark TARDIS (which looks like a police phone booth) and generally has a few human companions with him to keep him company. The Doctor takes these people through time and space and shows them fascinating things and get involves in some insane conflicts. That is the primary basis of the series. If you want to know more, check out Wikipedia.

Now, this set will primarily be based on the new Doctor Who series. That means there won’t be as much Tom Baker as there will Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. I will be delving into the original series for a few things (the Daleks require their creator, for example) but the set as a whole will mostly be the new era of Who. Oh, and of the new series, you’ll notice more of a bent towards the David Tennant incarnation of The Doctor. That’s just my personal bias showing through. You can feel free to ignore it.

I currently don’t have firm card numbers locked down for this set.  I’m currently figuring I’m going to end up with 120 or so cards. These cards will generally be based around three affiliations: the TARDIS Crew (The Doctor and friends), the Daleks (The Doctor’s greatest enemies and also the best villains ever), and the Time/Space Dangers (any/all characters The Doctor has come into confrontation with in the new series). There will be also be a sub-team in the Time/Space Dangers which is the Cybermen who I don’t feel have quite enough people to build their own entire affiliation around but are notable enough to at least have a few cards referring specifically to them.

Now, with all the above out of the way, its time to get to the first four previews of the Doctor Who set. Onwards into the breach!

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