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Random Thoughts: Anti-Matter Syndicate

Posted in Ramblings, Vs. System on September 22, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

I’m probably treading old ground with these thoughts but I really don’t mind. It gives me something to think about while procrastinating on my college work.

A recent post over on VSRealms recently sparked a thought in my head.  What would be the best way to abuse Sinister Syndicate’s Jackal? Further more, what would be the best way to further abuse him with Fisk Towers? The first thing I thought was what team has a particularly powerful 3-drop as well as a powerful 1-drop and that was when I remembered these guys…

So, basically the idea of this deck is simple, play standard SinSyn/Anti-Green Lantern swarm on the beginning turns while hoping to get odd initiatives. On turn 4, you drop Jackal. Now, hopefully you’ve got yourself some defensive pumps (Cover Fire + Acro Dodge FTW?). Have Jackal survive into recovery and then activate him to drop in a free Xallarap. Turn 5 you play MTU Carnage with Boost, get a free Anti-Green Lantern, recruit an AGL, KO a resource for a Spider-Hunt. Presuming you enter turn 5 with Jackal and a single AGL, you end up with three 8/4s, two 13/9s, and a 10/6 for a total of 60 points of attack. Methinks that’s enough to win games. If not, throw in some Alien Symbiotes and Sinestro Rings for more pumpy goodness.

I haven’t gotten around to actually building this deck since I literally came up with it twenty minutes ago while coming up with something to do that wasn’t school related. However, it seems to have some amount of potential. I may never actually build this but it was certainly a fun thought exercise.

And now I need to hit the books…


A Clash of Worlds: A Barely Legible Match Report

Posted in Ramblings, Vs. System on August 11, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Once upon a time I was on MWS. I waited for a game and just as I was about to give up, a player appeared. When the room opened, he asked if SA would work. “Of course,” I said. I’d been hoping for him to say Silver Age since I’d just gotten done building a new Silver Age jank deck that went something like this…

This isn’t justice…

Silver Age/Legend

Marvel Knights/Punisher

4x Dagger, Lightbringer

4x Punisher, Suicide Run

4x Punisher, Secret Avenger
3x Echo, Masterless Samurai

4x Punisher, Guns Blazing
1x Elektra, Masterless Assassin

2x Punisher, Captain America
1x Captain America, Loyal Patriot

2x Dr. Strange – Illuminati

1x Punisher, Angel of Death

Plot Twists:

4x Mobilize
4x Wild Ride
4x A Clash Of Worlds
3x Carrying The Torch
3x Defensive Formation
2x Sniper Shot

3x New Baxter Building


4x Desert Eagle
4x M60s
3x Mind Gem – Infinity Gem

As you can see, the basic idea is simply to clone Punisher. Why? Because I felt like it.

Now, what sort of deck do you think good ol’ Punisher encountered? I’ll let the match report fill you in.

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I’m back… I’m back in the saddle again.

Posted in Ramblings, Vs. System on July 30, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

“Ridin’ hiiiiiiiiiiiigh.”

Sorry. Been playing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

Anyways, that’s right. KaleeshWarrior is back! And the crowd goes mild! *crickets chirp*

What is the status of the Doctor Who set? I dunno. What is the status of the Vs. Resolution? Honestly, I don’t know. Will this attempted resurgence stick or will I fall back into obscurity? Once again, I can’t say I’m certain this means a full return. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.

So, what’s on the menu if I’m currently unsure of the Resolution’s status? A return to old form where I just build the decks I feel like. For example, the deck that brought me back onto MWS is a Silver Age BYOT Underworld Thanos Legend deck. What possessed me to build such a thing? I was walking at our local 4-H fair and for some strange reason, I remembered the Gift For Death MUN card and decided I was going to build a deck with it. I have no idea why that thought struck me but it did. After that, things snowballed. I’ve built a BYOTGK Batman Super-Mega Legend deck where Bats is the main drop for every turn from 3 until 8. I’ve also revived my old Avengers Rally deck and am going to be toying with that.

In other interesting news, a card store actually opened near me! I got so excited when I found that out. I made a visit only to find it closed but a peek through the window revealed comic books galore. Certainly a lock for Versus, right? *buzzer* I went back when it was open to find the place swamped with Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh singles/boxes but no Versus in sight. Sadly, I didn’t think to ask at the time if they didn’t perhaps have some stashed away somewhere. Oh well. Good news is I’m likely to go back since they hold Guitar Hero tournaments every week and I’m likely going to attend at least one so I can ask then. Gotta hold out hope.

Finally, in some totally off-topic news, if you have a Facebook account with the Pieces of Flair application, I compel you to search “Punisher” and “Gambit”. Tell me if you recognize some of the art on the top hits for the searches. If only I could figure out some way to make it clear those images are from a card game…

Anyways, that’s all for now in this random update. I gotta go build me some MUN-only decks for the upcoming MWS tournament. Wish me luck on this blog revival :).

Another year, another birthday

Posted in Ramblings on June 19, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

First fully non-Vs. related post ever. I was able to hold off for half a year. That ain’t bad.

This morning at roughly 4:30 a.m. marked my seventeenth year of life.  Sadly, there isn’t that much attached to turning seventeen. Sixteen has the driver’s license, eighteen is adulthood, and twenty-one is gambling, smoking, alcohol, guns, and all the other fun stuff. Seventeen has… purchasing M-Rated video games, something I’m not particularly interested in (I own a Wii and my computer can barely run games from 2000, I don’t even have access to Mature games).

My current celebration plans are eating a Hot Fudge cake from a local bakery, going to Barnes and Noble to look for some books, Gamestop to browse their used game collection, and Toys R’ Us for some various collectibles and perhaps some card game stuffs. For dinner my parents are taking me to the following restaurant:

That’s right. Chuck E. Freakin’ Cheese’s for my seventeenth birthday. Greatest. Idea. Ever. Honestly, who doesn’t want to go to CEC’s for their birthday? Maybe I’m strange for wanting greasy pizza and arcade games for my birthday instead of fancy Red Lobster food like my older brother normally requests but, what can I say, I’m a free spirit. I might get some pictures while I’m there just to prove my Chuck E. Cheese birthday-dom. If I do, I’ll probably post them on here.

Finally, to finish off my birthday celebrations, tomorrow I get to go see my favorite band of all time live in concert with my brothers and a friend. This band seems to love me. Last year they released their new album on my B-Day, and this year they’re giving me a concert. Combine that with the fact that they have a shirt with a bear fighting a shark and these guys seem to be specifically catering to my tastes. Gotta love it.

Oh, fine, I’ll add some Vs. System related stuff. I’m also working on taking some of my birthday cash and making a deal for a bunch of MXM/MVL commons and uncommons with another blogger. I was planning on buying some boxes of MOR but, really, this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Thanks gdaybloke!

That is all. *blows a party noisemaker* Let the birthday festivities continue!

“You might have power, but I am power!”

Posted in Ramblings, Vs. System on June 12, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Thanks to the power of cheap Ebay auctions, I am now owner of the Silver Surfer Heralds of Galactus pre-release t-shirt for the low, low price of $12.50 counting shipping. Look at that awesomeness. Look at it!

I would say this officially makes me a Vs. nerd (as if the fact that I play it online and will rattle off a character’s stats and powers at the drop of a hat wasn’t proof enough). I also attempted to get a Superman t-shirt and the Infinity Crisis: Dr. Fate shirt but that went just out of range of what was in my Paypal account. Still, one shirt is better than none and the Silver Surfer is awesome in so many ways. How many ways? I can produce 5 off the top of my head.

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Vines wrap their way about your FEET…

Posted in Ramblings, Vs. System on May 25, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

hort post today since I just got back from a weekend long trip (during which a pre-scheduled Hellfire Club post was made).

Feraks. These plant-based gals have become quite the thought experiment for myself ever since I got 14 copies in my DC Origins packs and built a very shoddy deck around them.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to take a load off my feet, sit down on MWS, and build a deck around them that actually works. The card is Golden Age for Pete’s sake! There has to be some way to break them with all the available options. Off the top of my head, I’m seeing Feraks -> Mr. Fantastic/Invisible Woman -> We Had A Team-Up -> Cosmic Radiation/A Child Named Valeria. You’d never run out of Feraks in the hand with a deck like this. My only thought is how one would actually win with such a deck… Xavier’s Dream since you should never have stunned guys inplay and Feraks have low enough attack to not stunback? Ponder on this, I must.

On another note, I owe Number6 a mentioning due to him taking up my challenge at the end of this post. He came up with quite the decent combo to go with Natasha Romanoff:

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Fallout: Post-DC Origins Box Opening

Posted in Ramblings, Vs. System on May 22, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

So, I had a really, really bad day today while doing stuff to apply at college so this is going to be quick and then I got to split faster than a banana at an ice cream parlor.

I opened my first box. Hot dawg was I excited. I got three Bat-Signals and two Mountain Strongholds right out of the gate which got me excited. My “rare” haul by the end of the first box was a single copy each of Alfred, Have A Blast, Total Anarchy, Concrete Jungle, 8-drop Ra’s, Garth <> Tempest, Trigon, The Demon, Terra, Lady Shiva, Optitron and a couple other cards that I didn’t mind seeing. Things were going great.

Box 2 + 3. I open up four or five Barbara Gordons, three GothCorps, three Deathstroke, another Trigon, three USS Argus, Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprises, two Batcave, FOUR Shrike, FOUR Wheel of Plagues, two Mad Hatter, two Ventriloquist, three Neutron, two Psimon, and three Blackfire.

That’s right: Utter. Junk. Rares. No Fizzle, no Rigged Elections, and only one Alfred/Terra/Garth/Have A Blast. Ugh! It’s like someone handed me a banana (which, to make the allegory work, I must say I dislike) instead of the apple I was hoping for. Sure, I wasn’t expecting perfect draws and I was expecting a good portion of junk. There aren’t a particularly large amount of amazing rares in DOR, most of the power is in the common/uncommons. However, my second and third box were just sad. The only “good” cards in them was a single copy of the 7-drop Batman and 8-drop Superman.

All grumbling ceased, playing with the set has gone well. My younger brother is learning the randomness of Arkham Inmates with the lack of search. The deck can go from running horribly to KOing/Kidnapping everything in sight.

Older brother has a decent League of Assassins build. It could use some fine tuning but it’s still quite runnable. He was able to lock younger bro’s Arkham deck’s locations out of the game via the 4-drop Ra’s and then went to town until turn 8 when he played the 8-drop Ra’s and younger bro scooped. One really fun play I did while running this LoA deck for fun was waiting until after younger bro flipped up his key locations (No Man’s Land and Arkham Asylum) before stripping them away via Remake The World. Fun, fun play.

My decks are currently a Fizzle-less Gotham Knights build that makes me grumble due to the lack of negate and a semi-Roy Harper abuse Teen Titans deck. Nothing better than pumping Roy into an 18 attack 3-drop on turn 4 and swinging into The Penguin for massive damage.

So, in all, things went all right. Sorta like a hot dog with mustard. It could’ve been better but, hey, it’s still a hot dog with mustard. Oh, and I’ve learned to love this card:

Snape kills Dumbledore and Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.