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The Great Vs. Resolution #29: Injustice Gang

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on October 21, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

I love the odd team themes, the ones that go completely against what you would normally want to do in a game. Both incarnations of the Squadron Supreme fit the bill with one wanting an empty hand and the second wanting to deal no breakthrough. The loner themes of Hellboy, Warbound, Hellfire Club, X-Statix, and others are amongst my favorite decks of all time.

However, there may be no stranger team theme than Injustice Gang handflood. What sort of lunatic would you have to be to just hand your opponent tons of options? Normally, it’d be suicide. With the Injustice Gang, though, you can turn that flood of cards into a source of strength.

My real love affair with IG was with the JLA version of the team. Sadly, I can’t use that version due to the requirements of the Resolution stating I need to stay in the most “modern” format which, for the Gang, is Modern. Will the new IG stand up to the old one? Doesn’t this sound a lot like my last post?

Careful What You Wish For…

4x The Penguin, Gentleman of Crime

4x Captain Boomerang, George Harkness
2x Johnny Quick, Earth 3

4x Lex Luthor, Megalomaniac
1x Power Ring, Earth 3

3x Felix Faust, Soulless Mystic
1x The Joker, Headline Stealer

3x Circe, Evil Enchantress

1x The Joker, Killer Smile
1x Abra Kadabra, Magical Rogue

1x Lex Luthor – Sinister Scientist

1x Vandal Savage, Cro-Magnon Man

Plot Twists:
4x Criminal Mastermind
4x Power Siphon
4x All Too Easy
4x Secret Files
4x Mobilize
3x Injustice for All
3x Blind Sided
3x Break You


3x Injustice Gang Satellite


2x Laughing Gas

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The Great Vs. Resolution #28: Crime Lords

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on October 15, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

And the train just keeps on rollin’. I haven’t had the chance to play on MWS recently due to the primary Darkseid server being down which generally means no one even bothers with it since the only alternative is the armpit that is

So, instead of doing Crisis decks like I’d originally intended, I’m stuck with decks I’ve played a lot of. I’ve been running a Crime Lords deck that is at least similar to the one below since MUN came out. I was a big fan of the Lords way back when but how is their newest incarnation?

Red Masque of Death

Crime Lords

Modern Age

3x The Hand, Army – Hydra

3x Sin, Synthia Schmidi – Raid

4x Red Skull, Alexsander Lukin – Raid
3x Silver Samurai, Kenuichio Harada – Hydra

4x Master Man, Max Lohmer – Raid
2x Kingpin, War Profiteer – Hydra

3x Red Skull, Johann Shmidt – Hydra
1x Head Case, Sean Madigan – A.I.M.

3x Baron Strucker, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker – Hydra

2x Red Skull, Master of Creation

Plot Twists:
4x Radically Advanced
4x Acts Of Vengeance
4x Mobilize
4x Code White
4x Nasty Surprise
3x New King In Town
2x Burn Rubber
2x Call in a Favor

3x Cosmic Cube
2x Death Warrant

Basically, the only way I could figure out how to do the Crime Lords and even hope to fit into the Resolution guidelines was by going Red Skull legend. To help you see why Skull was the only option, here’s the rules I’ve set for myself.

The Great Vs. Resolution Guidelines:

All characters must share a printed affiliation, at least 50% of non-character cards must be team or character-stamped, remaining cards must be from the same universe as the affiliation for the deck, deck must be in as recent of a format as possible.”

If you go with an army version of Crime Lords, I wouldn’t have the card draw since Birthing Chamber is DC. Direct attack isn’t any good since Crime Lords don’t have enough pumps to make the 50% team/char-stamped non-characters requirement. The only particularly good choice that had any chance (and, even then, only fit by a nose) was Skull legend.

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The Great Vs. Resolution #27: X-Statix

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on October 11, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Brutal Honesty: I haven’t really put much thought into this post. I mostly just want to get my second Resolution post for the week down so I don’t fall behind. I hope nobody hates me for it.

Because I’m being fast this week, I chose a team with a really obvious theme that everybody already knows well. X-Statix are the original loner team and were one of my favorites back when I was limited to MOR-MAV on Marvel Trading Card Game for the DS. Sure, loner has been done better since then but they’re still the original and worth glancing at.

I Walk Alone


Golden Age

4x Phat-William Reilly

4x Vivisector-Myles Alfred

4x Orphan-Guy Smith
1x Plazm-Protoplasmic Protagonist

3x U-Go-Girl-Tragic Teleporter
2x The Spike-Angry Young Mutant

2x Battering Ram-Short-Lived Strongman
1x Vivisector-Lunatic Lycanthrope
1x Henrietta Hunter-X-Celebrity

2x Zeitgeist-Axel Cluney

2x Anarchist-Man of the People

1x Galactus-Devourer Of Worlds

Plot Twists
4x Dead Weight
4x Spin Doctoring
4x Mobilize
3x Mutant of the Year
3x Star of the Show
3x Call in a Favor

3x X-Statix Café
3x X-Statix HQ
2x Kang Kross-roads
2x The Hill
2x Shaw Industries

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The Great Vs. Resolution #26: Sentinels

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on October 8, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

Wow. It’s been criminally long since my last post. But I’m here now and should be here tomorrow and Saturday (Friday is school day).

Last week I promised a “blast from the past” and the tease of whether or not they’re as good as they used to be. No one bit on guessing who it was but the title of this article should give it away.

Yes, the Sentinels. Those big purple robots who enjoy nothing more than stomping on all those confounded, evil, criminal mutants who are running around. If those mutants could just be normal, none of this would have had to happen. The Sentinels never would have been invented and the purple robots wouldn’t have run rampant over the Vs. tournament scene way back when.

But how good are the Sentinels now? How much has been lost in the years due to the gains of others? Let’s take a look in what could be one of the quickest Vs. Resolution articles yet.

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The Great Vs. Resolution #25: Secret Society

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on October 2, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

It’s Thursday night. I’ve eaten dinner. My school work for the week is done. I’m bored. There’s no one on MWS. My brothers aren’t home to annoy for a game. Basic cable isn’t airing anything good at the moment (CSI premieres in a few hours but that’ll likely suck). It is because of this stark wasteland of anything else to do that I sit down in front of my computer with Project 86’s rock songs blaring out of its speakers to write out this blog post. A blog post, not a forum post. Eat your heart out Kariggi. 😛

It’s about time that I post my Secret Society build. I actually find the Secret Society utterly hilarious. Where else can you find a team that is composed of a wrathful dark god, an insane megalomaniac, a psychic monkey, an expert assassin, a man with a freeze ray, an unstoppable monster who adapts to anything that could kill it, and a woman obsessed with botany? I honestly got laughed at by a friend in chat when I explained the team to her while I was playing on MWS at the same time.

Anyways, SecSoc and their KO Pile manipulation has always been interesting to me so how about a glance at my build?

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The Great Vs. Resolution Reborn #24: Warbound

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on September 30, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

You may remember months back I built a certain deck based around Hulk for this Resolution. This Marvel Defenders deck immediately took the #1 spot of my favorite Resolution affiliations and has remained there since my fifth TGVsR post. I liked that deck because of the flavor. It was all about Hulk standing alone and smashing characters while his team gave him help from the sidelines.

Fast forward to after the release of Marvel Universe. Lo and behold, there’s another team based around Hulk being on his own with his friends helping from the back. However, the Warbound are different from the Defenders in more ways than one. First, the non-Hulk characters’ effects hit off being stunned and straight up leaving the game rather than just being exhausted. Secondly, there’s more than two Hulks to use. Finally, there’s a second deck style than the straight angry “Hulk Smash!” deck. That second deck type is what some like to call Hulk Control but I like to call King Hulk, the Hulk who’s intelligent and capable of coming up with rational plans that can take down even the toughest opponents no matter what they throw at him.

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The Great Vs. Resolution Reborn #23: Skrulls and Doom

Posted in Vs. Resolution, Vs. System on September 23, 2008 by kaleeshwarrior

This is a first for my Vs. Resolution: Two decks in one article. Why? Because we have another first for the Vs. Resolution: Two decks that are absolutely horrible. Yup, it’s true. The Skrulls and Dr. Doom have more in common than just being featured in the Heralds of Galactus set. They’re also nigh impossible to play when fit into the terms of The Great Vs. Resolution.

Due to this simple fact, I’m putting both of these affiliation together into a single article. This way I don’t have to spend as much time rambling about two bad decks. Plus it’s a cheap way to make absolutely certain that I get my two affiliations in for the week which is always a good thing.

We’ll start with the Skrulls. They’re at their absolute best in a deck combined with the Inhumans and Franklin Richards who will then be able to move the Skrull characters into the hidden area. The question is whether the Skrulls can Embrace Change and try and win matches on their own. (Heh, I make a comic reference)

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